what have you done?

I was thinking about all the things i’ve done with or on my unicycle over the years and thought i would like to know what other people have done weather it be crazy, unique, or just wierd. like the time i rode to my band practice on my 20" uni while carying a trombone in the middle of winter and i only had a road tire on, did i ever get a lot of honks and "wows’’ that day :smiley:

i wore a speedo to swim practice as a joke and my unicycle was my only form of transportation

I rode around in front of my house trying to take my pants off while riding. Dang it’s tough to do.

i rode to class through iowa winters on a GB4 muni with a 2.6 gazz on it. sidewalks with drifts over them are incredibly hard.

I rode down hte ubehebe crater in death valley a couple times, its real fun… I rode ina parade once, ummm, and more stuff like that, riding on roofs…etc…

I’ve ridden…

in many parades

down a steep hill in the snow on a Torker CX

outside with a pink boa scarf around my neck, an ugly fisherman’s hat on, with no shirt, with people walking by

stand up wheelwalk barefoot (ouch!)

probably some other things that I can’t remember.


I rode in a hotel lobby, up the elavater, down the halls, then into our room. Once.

Rode on a treadmill.

Tried to tie my shoe while riding, that was just plain dumb. Didnt work, either.

Shot my compound bow while Idling. I discovered that its hard to aim that way. Huh.

I’ve done standupww barefoot too. And barefoot gliding SUCKS.

rode down ski slopes last saturday. Woulda been better if there was snow.

Rode my giraffe back from getting the mail, while reading OOW…

All that’s really more dumb/weird stuff, all the crazy stuff I’ve done pretty much everyones done before. I was 4 feet away from my unicycle during an earthquake last week, but dangit, I didnt think to ride it.:frowning:

I have also done stand-up wheel walk barefoot, briefly. Ouch! I don’t know how Simon Wells does it.

Probably the craziest thing I have done is high-speed downhill stand-up gliding.

I have ridden with a worn-down street tire on a footpath with two inches of unevenly packed snow. It was incredibly slippery. I finally discovered it was actually easier to ride where the snow hadn’t been packed down, since it was more predictable.

I have practiced freestyle outdoors at 10 degrees Fahrenheit, wearing a heavy coat and thick mittens.

I have ridden breifly at -40 degrees Fahrenheit*. I didnt pactice anything, just rode back and forth down our driveway a couple times. And it was in deep crusty snow, on a 1.75" tire. (that was before I knew about muni type tires)

Oh, on the topic of snow, me and some friends were doing stupid jumps/crash landings on purpose off of a picnic table into a picnic table height snow drift.

Of course its fun to slide down snow covered hills, without pedaling.

I’ve ridden across a frozen lake before.

*There could be some debation wether or not it was -40, maybe it was closer to -35 at the time, but I would still say -40.

Hey there everyone,
on my unicycle i have fired my fruit bazooka (look at thread my coker is armed- or something), ridden off a 3m diving springboard on my crappy beginner uni, tried to ride down a moving, large escalator, and have aslo tried unicycle trampolining.
Thats about it for crazy stuff- in these forums trials and muni don’t count!

going with or against?

Oh yea, I also rode down the hall and in the lobby of my dad’s office.

rode a couple of miles on a dirt road back from the store with two gallons of milk and some ice cream. Man, I must be nuts… :astonished:

I totaled my car, so lately, i’ve been ridding back and forth from the grocery store, along the highway, I get honked at alot, but one time I rode after freezing ran. I was going along just fine and then I tried to turn, suprisingling I was sliding sideways, BUT I kept my balance, the slide slowed down I got tracktion again and rode forward, I landed on my ass the second time I tried to turn though.

I’ve ridden my giraffe in the rain about a yr ago for about mile for no reason.

I’ve done an on the spot show for about 20 roofers who looked like jail escapees.

I’ve glided at the highest speed could for 3 hott girls who basically blew me off after they stopped and talked to me.

your mom

A long way down

I’ve riden my uni off a 109 metre high platform only attached by a rope while doing a canyon swing in New Zealand. To make sure I really did enjoy it, I did it another couple of times. It really was great fun.

I then rode my uni off a 47 metre high platform while being attached to a bungy. My second go was riding off backwards. Word of advice to anyone daft enough to do this one. Make sure you have a fully body harness on, otherwise you could break your back! Guess I was lucky there.

Although I didn’t ride my uni in the helicopter, it was taken up to 2000m strapped to the outside for some serious downhill fun. This wouldn’t have been complete without starting the ride in the snow. Seriously great fun. Of course I had to do this twice as well.

In hind-sight the daftest thing I’ve done is ride a 24" uni with a viscout saddle (and no skin lubricant) 37 miles. I certainly don’t reccodmend this one. The 100 miles I rode in one day last year was far less painfull. Morral of the story being get a comfy saddle.

I rode around on my grandparent’s roof several times.

HAHAH, some funny stories. I"ve riden my 6 footer in my work (grociery store) for circus days, dressed in a clowns suit, blowing a whisle and honking horns. I don’t try to help the steriotype, but i did get paid for doing nothing at all. lol.

In -20 degress F, Keaton and I have sessed this ledge for about 3 hours on a january night. I was in four pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, one shirt, with four hoodies on. gloves and a hat. haha. Cold stuff.

Rode down this really steep hill in like 6 inch snow on crappy 24"s, called the hill senior. We never made it all the way down, but we always rode too fast so we did fall. haha. Slippier stuff.

Tried an 18 set hand rail with only 11 set handrail practice. OUCH!

hi all, I’m new here :slight_smile: I’ve been unicycling for 3 months and I have ridden to the bank on my uni and taken it inside to use the ATMs, I got lots of weird looks from the bank tellers!

I also plan to go through a fast food drive thru with my unicycle, but I don’t think it will work… anyone tried this?