What have you done to your nimbus hub?

i’m just looking to get a little more information out on this option.

basically i’m looking to see if anyone has taken it off of a 6 foot or more drop, or a 10 stair, what have you done to yours?

i read something about one being taken off of a pretty decent sized drop or jump, but there still isn’t a gathering of information about it. My goal is to create that with this thread.

That doesn’t answer his question…

isn’t it solid???
the kh hub is definitely not solid.


Peter M

its not the same hub, its different, thats why i want some real proof, or testimonies of how strong it is.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygcpnJc3OCw&feature=user Crankflipping a 5 set. I never actually land it in that video and a lot of the time I don’t land on the pedals but I’ve taken it off bigger stuff. This hub feels super solid, I’m totally confident in its ability to take major abuse.

In what respect do you think it’s different save for the holes in the flanges?

I’ve got both the KH and a black Nimbus and they look identical.


Thats not the point. He wants to see and hear about what people are putting the hub through. Stress testing if you will, to see how well it actually holds up compared to the KH and other hubs.

Will it hold just as well as my KH when it has to hold up to 8 foot drops? Or will it hold up like Skrobos KH hub when he goes and jumps over another truck?

Or will it start to bend and not be as superior as everyone says?

If anything, this thread will just be actual proof that it is identical to a KH hub, which is no bad thing, and nothing to complain about that he wants to see that.

But it makes me wonder, will the flanges on the Nimbus bend as much as the ones on the KH. They are identical hubs… :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be the point. They look identical (except for the color and the KH in the flanges). They’re priced identical. Is it possible that they’re made in two different factories with different specifications? Possible, but I sure wouldn’t put money on it.

I’d love the definitive answer on this, but the people who know for sure aren’t talking. Why would they?

…anyways, assuming they’re identical, why would you expect them to perform differently?

Assumming they’re different…well, I wouldn’t.

my .02, carry on.

yeah, I bent the spindle on 4 muni rides.

thanks miles
i was looking for something like that
but you can’t weigh much… what did you do to it? with how long of cranks?
how much is it bent?
lots of questions… i’ll leave it at that for now.

Something must be wrong if a 90 pound kid can bend the axle in 4 rides…
(I don’t remember how much Miles weighs so I guessed)

I think Miles was referring to the KH hub. Though I may be mistaken.

I email UDC asking them what was the difference between KH and nimbus hub. They replied basically the color and holes in the flange.

Though I’m not a fan of KH flanges… Miles’ KH hub problem is almost definitely a manufacturing defect. It does happen to the best of components and goods of all sorts. Really bad luck.

I’m more than confident that Kris would be more than willing to replace it for you.

Speaking of which, are we to be expecting 08 KH products for a late spring/summer release?

I’ll let Kevin M have a go on my Nimbus Trials next time we ride together and tell you guys what happens.

There have been a few KH hubs’ flanges bending/breaking on less than severe punishment (I’ve heard of chro-moly cotterless and Qu-Ax red hubs taking more of a beating than those that broke). Whether this is a manufacture defect (now not too surprising, since it’s still pretty new), or a design flaw is to be seen.

The cutouts in the KH flanges has risen speculation that the Nimbus hub may be stronger, and skrobro definately needs a VERY strong hub.

i’m just trying to get this stuff cleared up. my KH (hub) is still pristine