what have you broken while unicycling?

You know that there is one screw not attached to the metal plate and just being in your leg?
And yes I know it’s a prety old threath :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

I’ve broken; myself, pallets, damaged picnic tables, cans, other peoples egos and unicyle parts.

I required chiropractic care for several weeks to recover from a wipeout on a downhill run.

btw: if we all go and start destroying public/private property on our urban runs we will get the same rep as skaters (and other such activicties that have developed a reputation for damaging public property). Not exactly something to boast about. (and I am not an old fart)

agreed, but i have broken: my face(jk) no bones

unicycle parts… i guess I’ll go there
seat stiffeners
seat base
seat post
seat clamp
frames-one is gone, one is bent, and one… is fixed(its my learner uni)
bearing caps
bent axle
bent cranks beyond use
broken rims

tires is where it gets interesting
blown a hole in one…
exploded a tube…slit 1/2 way around(perfect cut, i have no idea…) a
broken beads
cracked sidewalls
worn out…lol

hmmm well ive twisted my foot…sacked my self on a rail…and ripped my shin open

I’ve never broken a single bone!!

I have ripped my sack though. I’ve also had a few injuries that have kept me from riding for about a week but nothing more then that.

oh, forgot to add the bad stuff 8-0

4 pallets?
a bench(it was wayyy rotten)
pedals(i think that completes the broken unicycle)
chipped cement ledges

left black marks and scratched painted surfaces(mostly on accident)

Oh geez, your so bloody annoying. Why do you even bother. Read the first post, it says ‘leave out unicycle parts’. All that stuff you broke is just bad technique, can you try not to be so cocky with everything please?
Cheers babe.

I’ve broken:

square taper cranks
a thumb
a pedestrian (jaywalking while I was going down a street on my 36").
an old picnic table

On the bike path.
I broke the sound barrier.

that - or a car backfired,
But I am pretty sure I was close to Mach one.

Does that count?

ive broken 3 unicycles and sprained both my feet and wrists

ive broke my pride,

had so many ankle bites that i now have no feeling in my left ankle from all the scar tissue and i broke a park bench

(eyes closed, wincing)
Do I really want to read this thread?

I’m looking forward to RedWellys reply; A world record!



  • I have bent my thumb backward to where i might have fallen off
  • Dislocated leg
  • Scrapes across the face

Well it wasnt today but yesterday. I had to go to work at 7 am and it was dark when I woke up which was weird. Then I went to the mall with the coolest girls ever and then we went to Baja Fresh and I got food poisoning… which was awsome. Then I played Halo 3 for the first time ever and it was okay.

I think this is in the wrong thread timbob1907. :smiley:

Yeah… seriously. Wow Im sure I clicked on the other thread. Well I wasnt unicycling but I almost broke my stomach yesterday… :stuck_out_tongue: oops.

Ages ago i fell off when i wasnt wearing leg guards n slammed my knee into the ground, hurt at the time but nt 2 bad but neway i have ended up with a piece of my knee cap that seems to be chipped and ‘wiggles’ about! its only about the size of the tip of my little finger but bit wierd!

has anyone else had neting similar?

Broken collarbone. During my learning phase. Came off the front too fast and slammed my face and shoulder into the ground. Collarbone took the brunt of the force.:frowning: :o