what have you broken while unicycling?

I am interested to hear what has been broken while uniing. Lets leave uni parts out of this, we all know that every unicycle part has been broken. I am talking about body parts and public/private property.

for example:

I have sprained my ankle, bruised my tailbone
I have broken a couple wooden hand rails, and busted a picnic table on a gap attempt.


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Broken ankle (Webber C), screwed back together in Kathmandu:


looks ouch-ful

I’ve broken a bench (really funny story).

I’ve also broken a lot of skin and unicycle parts.

Broken ankle…no hardware necessary… right here in Vancouver on the last day of summer holidays…and the day before the first day of a new school year…

I crashed through a window on my front porch. Man, were my parents mad!


i hanvt had any nasty falls that caused broken body parts. but pretty much shredded the plastic pedals on my first uni to bits. as well as denting the seatpost so much that now it wont tighten… man will i be glad when my new qu-ax muni comes!
i also demolished a bail of hay (doesnt sound bad but it was harder than ude think). oh and i broke a bench but i mended it again before anyone found out. almost broke my cat… she ended up breaking my skin instead


I think I broke my wrist, but I never went to the doctor so I think it healed by itself. And if that’s the case, and the doctors find out that it did heal by itself, then it probably healed incorrectly so they’ll have to rebreak it and put it in a cast… That would be funny, I could say that I broke my arm while at the doctor’s to see if my arm was broken.

I’ve broken my heel (calcaneous) bone.

Some good reading in uni related injuries….

As for breaking stuff: Just a few weak pallet boards and the occasional bruised ego.

uni101702 021b.jpg

I broke my unicycle.

Many times.

I’ve been riding for just over 3 months.

(there already was a thread about that)
broke my achille’s tendon (left foot)
now I use a karate padding to protect both tendons.
(this over 661 : I look like an eskimo wearing kamiks)

BTW I am wondering wether using the pedals under the arch
(as I do) is not bad for your tendons? any hint?


I tore the ligament in my right foot that runs under the first metatarsal 2 days before BUC 11,

as for property…mashed some wooden benches and broken some palletes, nearly ost my unicycle through a large shp window , that would have been really bad…

I broke my wrist from a fall off my unicycle. I was trying to dribble a basket-ball while riding and I wasn’t very good, so I got going to fast :smiley:

I’ll never do that again :wink:

I broke my right index finger trying to side hop up a retaining wall :frowning: But that was a year ago, when i sucked at hopping. The sad thing was is that the wall wasn’t even that high:p 20" or something.


I broke my left ankle riding slick rock trail in Moab spring 2002.I had the hardware taken out this spring and it is much better.

Ouch! That looks painful :astonished:

You must have had a very bad break to need all those screws. It looks like some carpenter was practicing driving deck screws into your leg at random angles :wink:

i have broke ; my unicycle, countless spokes, a bench, a slab, a car’s bumper, 3 of my toes, a picknick table(funny storey) , 4 fingers of 1 of my friends(i tries to jump her, cleared her, then she moved her hand ;doh) and a swing(hehehehehehe) i am accident prone :wink:

Yeah, that was my thought exactly. Nasty stuff. What do you say at the airport when you set off the metal detectors?

Haven’t destroyed any public property yet, but I did manage to mount my uni backwards a couple of times (when I was really new to it), pedal a while, and completely strip the pedal hardware. Worst part was, the uni was on loan. My uncle was not pleased. :wink:

I broke my left wrist within the first two weeks learning to freemount!

I broke two ribs learning the bouncing dismount (you know…bouncing off the pavement)