What happens to veteran posters here?


I have been wondering what happens to many that post. I see a pattern where people post a lot initially and then their names pop up for several months, maybe a year and then seem to disappear. Are these people who have gotten bored with posting and just not interested in reading any more?

I ask only because, that seems to be happening to me. I have after about 18 months of active reading and posting, begun to tire and not spend as much time as I once did reading everything.
Now, most things, i let skip by, even when I feel I have something worthwhile to contribute.

Any thoughts? veteran posters like Harper, Rhysling, and John Childs come to mind as people who are lifers they will continue to be around. I have the utmost respect for these veteran riders/ posters. I think they hold down the fort sometimes.

I hope those that respond take the question seriously…

Re: What happens to veteran posters here?

? hey i help float this boat too :frowning: ??

but seriously i know what you mean about the board slowing down.i havent been posting cause i figuered i’d give people a break from my chatter,but there has been alot of the same clone like threads latly… lurking is kinda fun after being a chronic poster i must say.

to be honest though,i feel that its been a little lame (boring) around here latly.maybe its winter and the sport slowed down,maybe its me?all i know is the search archive feature is packed with enough of my posts to last into next year!

i have to say that i have been in the “Just Conversation” fora alot more latly,thats were the good laughs are…and somtimes the spam fora…


I was never a frequent poster, but I also followed the pattern of higher posting followed by lower posting. In my case, when I was first learning, I had many questions, and I felt it was useful for other beginners to discuss my learning experience. After that period, I dropped out from posting because I was riding a lot. Then I asked more questions at times when I would be ready to purchase or when I had questions about hardware or repair. In those periods when I dont have burning questions on my mind (i.e. most of the time) I simply lurk without posting too much.

Perhaps that will give you one data point to work with.


old posters never die, they just…


…smell like they have.

(Now you see why I don’t post as much anymore, nothing sensible to say!)

Have fun!


After a period of time, many of the questions are repeats. John Childs has been using links to past threads when the question about the installation of cranks comes up, as it does regularly. He also answers MANY technical questions and product questions. I have posted responses to questions about certain repair issues more than once. Chris repeatedly searches the fora for answers to questions that have popped up before concerning riding styles and learning techniques as well as new equipment. Bruce Edwards went through a series of posts in which he made successive improvements to the Miyata air seat conversion for the newer seats. Jagur has tested and reported on more unicycles and parts here than I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Somebody always joins and starts asking questions about how to ride, what kind of unicycle to buy, how old or young can you be, how do I ride one-footed, how do I wheel walk, how do I idle, are there any riders in my area, who can tell me how to start a club. These are all questions that you have seen before and some of them have answers that are vague at best. But they are all worth responding to and members of this newsgroup do so in a positive and consistent way. Some of the people who interact here briefly go on to join the USA, go to a convention, organize a local MUni ride, or start a club. I would like to think that is what happens to some of the people you have seen come and go. The sad thing is the reduction in posts from really informative guys like (but not exclusively) Jeff Lutkus.

Lewis and I were piecing his Stealth back together this week end, and I was constantly saying, ‘Well, John Childs says…’ -and then all the other people putting cycles together would fall silent, lean close, and hope for free expert cycle maintanance advice.

As to what Jagur and Mr. H touched on, regarding the quality of posts, I’m sure some of this is cyclic (heh) - and that as you grow in skill, it becomes more difficult to find topical information on the nuonces of higher level skills. I’m afraid this is where going to events may have to take over -where you can get face time with accomplished cyclists and possibly get hooked up with e-mail addresses from those who are foolish enough to give 'em out. I posted a little missive inquiring about crown stand skills a while back, with narry a responce (I’v cried myself to sleep ever since); when I commented on the lack of responce to a friend, they pointed out that sometimes you have to persist with a topic to get the responce you’re after -work it in shamlessly to vaugely related posts.

BTW: you may find that exciting post, here: Brittney Spears Naked on a Unicycle


i’m not a post vetren but i was a post wh*re i just got tired of see the same kind of post over and over again

Actually, the first person I thought of for frequent posters, was Jagur. But, as I recall, he came on to the scene a little after I did. That I think, was about june a year ago. Jagur went from zero to the near the top of the thread counter in no time.

I meant no disrespect to jagur:), my reference to veteran posters referred not to frequency, but to those that have been around a long time. I made the assumption that Jagur had not been lurking before he came onto the scene.

yes, Jagur, you do help float the boat!:smiley:

My thanks to the thoughtfull responses to this thread. It helps, I am not the only one. :sunglasses:

later guys and gals

I think that Chris, Jagur, Bruce, and myself all joined around a year ago, maybe 18 months, so not all that long ago. John Childs has been around a bit longer than that. The real veterans are Ken Fuchs, John Foss and probably Jack Halpern. These guys (and they are certainly not the only ones) have been active in the unicycling community for years and instrumental in either bringing it to e-mail and newsgroups or keeping it there. Gilby has done much to enhance the technology side recently.

I subscribed to the mailing list in early '98 but very rarely post to it. I suppose that qualifies me as and old timer but no one knows that because I’m a lurker.

My interest in unicycling really has been cyclic but I’ve always stayed subscribed to the list. There have been times when I quit reading the posts that were piling up in my in-box so I would end up deleting them by the hundreds without reading a single one.

I know that it’s important that I (and everyone else) post more often so I’m making a real effort to do so. I’d really rather just read the interesting stuff that everyone else has to say though.

Steve Howard

What happens to old timers?

Circumstances change, life gets less or more busy. Most of your questions eventually end up answered and then suddenly new questions pop into your head.

This group is a lot more active than it used to be. I remember the days when a weeks worth of posts could be happily read in under an hour. Some weeks I’d only get a dozen or so messages. Now you get that many in a couple of hours.

Many of the email subscribers to the group gave up when posts started hitting 60 or so a day. If you are not using a newsreader or viewing via some sort of portal there is just too much stuff to wade through. This explains what happened to many of the old time lurkers.

The newsgroup tends to be a good resource for newbies and becomes less important as you transform into an “old hand”. Once you’ve been around for a year or so most of your questions have been answered, you’ve established unicycle contacts out in the real world and if you have questions chances are you actually know who to email to get an answer. Plus its more fun to ride than talk about riding :slight_smile:

I’ve been posting to this group for 6 years and there are very few names I recognize from back then still posting. I’m sure there are a few lurkers out there who’ve been around that long but I would be surprised if there are many.

I was wondering if there could be an organized way to sort of catalogue some of the good responses to repetative issues into a sort of database available for people. The newbs could cruise through it and get tonnes of info without having to wait for a response. They probably would find answers to questions they didn’t even yet know to ask. It may help to keep rsu fresh too. It would be a massive undertaking, but if enough dedicated members were willing to search certain topics, or through groups of threads, then it could be manageable.

Re: What happens to veteran posters here?

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:02:59 -0600, GILD
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>old posters never die, they just…

That was the first thing that crossed my mind, too.

I think it is only natural. Memberships of all sorts just have limited
lifetimes. Think of people living in a neighbourhood, trees in a
forest, mountains on the Earth’s surface, your subscriptions to
magazines. That last example may be most closely related to posting in
rsu: after some time you’ve seen it all. Reading and posting, in my
experience, take a lot of time, and yield diminishing returns (if you
want to see it that way), so people grow tired of it.

Klaas Bil

The moon is drifting away from the Earth 4 cm a year!

After reading the board for so long, you get tired of reading the same posts over and over. Before I was at a point where I was learning a lot about unicycling. After a while I began to understand more riding techniques, products, etc. I still don’t know half of what I should, but I feel that I could comfortable explain different types of riding, how to ride, and what to ride to someone. When you first learn this information you jump on any post that is made so you can show off your knowledge. Unfortunately I’ve gotten to the point where I just want to sit back and enjoy the board, to stay in touch with what’s going on. Due to my neck injury I’ve ridden very little. I decided I would buy a freestyle unicycle so I wouldn’t go too extreme when I got better. I’ve found that I don’t care for this damn freestyle unicycle at all and want a trials one. The problem now is selling it and buying a trials unicycle. I’ll most likely post more frequently once I get a trials unicycle and start riding again. Until then… <shrug>

Re: What happens to veteran posters here?

“gauss” <gauss.ecacm@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in message
> I was wondering if there could be an organized way to sort of catalogue
> some of the good responses to repetative issues into a sort of database
> available for people. The newbs could cruise through it and get tonnes
> of info without having to wait for a response. They probably would find
> answers to questions they didn’t even yet know to ask. It may help to
> keep rsu fresh too. It would be a massive undertaking, but if enough
> dedicated members were willing to search certain topics, or through
> groups of threads, then it could be manageable.

I was thinking about this recently myself, after reading a lot of the same
questions and seeing people
spending time to really explain an answer to a problem, or illustrate a
concept with drawings/pics/etc.
Only to see the same questions surface not even a week later!

It would be nice to re-purpose a lot of the Question/Answer and
Problem/Solution threads into an actual KnowledgeBase.
Something more sophisticated than just a brute force search through old
threads hoping to find a match.
Most beginners don’t have time or patience to look for stuff they aren’t
sure exists yet.

A KnowledgeBase, with actual articles, Question/Answer, Problem/Solution
searchable by Category and/or Keyword(s) and phrases would be most
The ability to “rank” answers so that the KB engine learns to serves up the
most popular answers first as the system gets used is another cool feature.
There are different tools out there for doing this, but obviously take time
to setup (and perhaps some $ depending what tools you use).

Also, for a KB to be any good, the information has to be scrubbed, editted
for correctness, tagged with good keywords/subjects, spellchecked (gasp),
and finally approved for posting.
Perhaps some of the “old timers” who are bored might find inspiration to
help with such an activity? They would obviously have the most knowledge to
It would be a shame not to capture their knowledge before they left for

If the KB approach seems a bit Utopian, then for starters it would be good
just to start collecting articles from people and assemble them in a
tree-structured index for people to begin navigating,
and add a simple search by section or somesuch.

This could be done now. It would just require simple agreement on a
standard format for the article structure/sections, etc. (wow - could have a
poll just to decide this #$%^).
Having structured content now would make it much easier to “database” later

When the tree starts becoming too full of wonderful content, then could try
tackling the full KB approach for serving up the answers.

I’d be willing to write articles for sure - especially if I thought it would
help out new riders or expand the pool of knowledge in the unicycling

David Winston

There’s my situation. It seems that my family and I have suddenly picked up the pace many fold. I simply haven’t had the time to spend on the newsgroup. And maybe if truth be told, there may be a little of the worn thin of the group for me as well. But I still enjoy the conversation and the kindredness of the posters. It provides a way to stay connected inbetween the conventions.


My first post was Oct 2 1998.
That wasn’t much of an introduction for myself to the group, but hey, I was a newbie. I was lurking in the group at least two years (probably longer) before I posted anything. I’m no veteran.

This group is one of the few (only?) places to get unicycling info unless you happen to be in the TCUC. This group is where I found out about the Pashely MUni and consequently the reason that I got back into unicycling after keeping the unicycle in the closet for over 10 years. Where else can you keep up with what’s going on in the sport? Especially considering how things are advancing now.

ref the idea of the knowledge base
sounds kinda kewl, but u could also just use the search function
i realise that u wont get sterilised and categorised responses
isn’t that part of the appeal of unicycling?
it’s my feeling that doing a search on say, wheel walking, u’ll have more fun reading thru a couple of threads that started off being about wheel walking and ended up discussing the foreign biscuit policy of the eastern provinces of tibet than u would by getting a ‘step one…’ kinda response

i may be on my own here, but my vote goes to the chaos-theory

:slight_smile: :wink: :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :smiley: :o :angry: :thinking: :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think I really count as a veteran in here especially since I have only been riding for 1 year. But in that short time I have been posting in here I have noticed what everyone else says. Posts do become repetitive, and as you do learn stuff and then give others tips from what you leared you do this so much and it all seems like old hat. I’m still interested in reading and posting in this forum because I’m a loser with lotts of freetime and I no longer own a TV.

But I also learned something else over this time from watching bebe’s kids. Veteran Posters dont die, they multiply. The forum has become alot more active over time and its sweet that there are so many new people taking up the sport. Too bad some of them are already better than I am.