what happened.....

A few questions:
What happened to the Bedford Unicycle website? It’s been under construction for awhile now.
What happened to Shaun Johanneson? Now that he doesn’t put any vids on the interent for free; i haven’t heard about him in a while.
I am getting a Nimbus II trials with KH moments and KH rollo disks. Thoughts/opinions please…Nimbus’ are pretty decent…right???

Not sure about Bedford…
Shaun stopped unicycling. Seems like he regrets ever having ridden at all, from what I read on facebook…:frowning:
The Nimbus with Moments is really strong. Nice setup, should last a looong time.

Darren’s pricelist is from February, so it’s pretty recent. His web site was never an e-commerce engine; those are hard to set up and he’s a one-man operation (I think). Give him a call and find out what’s up! He probably went to NAUCC but he should be back by now…

darren was saying he has a full website made but it isnt up yet so maybe he is finaly getting it up there. he was also saying something about not selling KH stuff anymore.