What happened to UnicycleTips.com?

Just like the title says… What happened to UnicycleTips.com?

Domain expired? This seems to be all that is left.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’ve PMed it’s creator, Andrew Carter, on this issue a few weeks ago and haven’t heard back.

I talked to him a couple of months ago and he seems to have lost interest in unicycling, at least for a while, partly because of a broken uni and low funds.

I found this thread while trying to fix the problem…

I own the domain name and about 5 months ago, the registrar dumped the domain name to another registrar, suddenly. The original registrar, registerfly.com lost its ICANN accredidation or something like that. That screwed it up when the original registrar kept unicycletips.com in its records. Being not versed in any of this mumbo jumbo, I couldn’t figure out what happened even with writing help tickets. School started and I let the project go to the back burner, until now. I am working on it…

As Steve showed in his thread, the site is still up on the link he used. I just need to get the redirection working correctly. Right now I have an email into Gilby to find out what nameservers to use, since it’s hosted on the unicyclist server, I think.

Peter van Boekhout does the work to keep the site going. He is just getting off his school semester about now. I emailed him a few months ago and we responded, so he knows about the issue.

I will post a new thread, when I get it worked out.

Cheers and Happy Holidays everyone!

This is a tragedy. Mr. Carter used to put up quality unicycling videos, and he was quite a talented rider as well!

Should we “pass the hat around” for him? I’d gladly chip in if it meant we’d get to see more of his riding :slight_smile:


He mentioned to me that all the filming started to take the fun out of riding for him.

I’d be good to get him riding again and maybe him going to some uni events.

As a former support staff of registerfly.com, I understand how horrible this could be. Our tech team actually dropped registerfly because of their poor business practices and a couple of months later we heard of the ICANN license being revoked. I don’t work for registerfly but have dealt with many people that have had to go through this. Let me know if the domain owner is still having a hard time and I’ll see if I still have docs about where the registration is currently and get you any info you might need.

And to those who like to raise a pointing finger I’d like to mention that the ICANN requirements, especially the financial ones, are pretty tuff to meet, and to an establishing business almost impossible to meet (while they just make money with hardly doing anything).