What happened to Unibiker?

Hey all,

I’m still around, I think. I must have fallen asleep at the wheel during the drive, only to awake in Unibiker Heaven. I’ve been so busy playing that I’ve neglected my email duties; and most other necessities. I’ll grow up and get back to business one of these days. I’m growing tired of the sleeping bag on the living room floor (while the bed still sits in the garage, unassembled; priorities, ya know).

Here’s a brief run-down of the first couple of weeks in Lawton:

-stumbled (actually referred by Mike Lewis, of KTM fame) into the best chiropractor on the planet, Dr. Houston Orsburn (who made the rest of this list possible, after I arrived in town, barely able to walk or lift my left arm. Surgery is still being considered.)
-enjoyed a half-dozen days of painful, but fun, windsurfing
-located a few 25k courses, and logged quite a few unibike miles
-wheelied to the top of Mt. Scott, in granny gear (after 3 hours of windsurfing on the same day; where does the energy come from?), a meager 3-mile spiral, but over 1500 feet of elevation gain, with Colorado-like scenery, overlooking a couple of prime windsurfing locations.
-enjoyed a couple of ‘no-hands’ rides to the top of Mt. Scott, on the 1100 Honda, with the cruise-control set at a wobbly, and very challenging 30mph
-survived another owl attack; at dusk; at 70mph. Luckily, the fright of the 6-foot wingspan and football-sized breast approaching rapidly, caused me to instinctively, and immediately, duck beneath the windshield, which prevented a sure decapitation, since this monster was right in front of my face. I still can’t imagine how he escaped without impacting the windshield, or how I survived the incident without talon marks on my scalp.
-the first motocross race in over 20 years earned a couple of trophies (one in the ‘over 30’ class, and one against the youngsters; on the same night, with the wobbly pogo sticks still keeping things interesting). The second night of racing unfortunately left me with a severed pinky finger as I was slammed by an overly eager, out of control youngster that T-boned me from behind). Luckily for you guys, my typing has been hindered a bit.
-hooked up with a few hobie-cat pilots (the next adrenaline producing toy on the wish list for Spring-time)
-a near miss with three longhorns that where meandering across the road in the nearby wildlife refuge, just beyond a blind turn, while I was observing the bison that checker the mountainside. Similar rides have provided views of raccoons, armadillos, possums, a fox, and countless hawks, hovering in the thermals, provided (regardless of wind direction) by the cone-shaped Mt. Scott.
-one motorcycle outing unearthed a scuba instructor, at the edge of a local lake that allows absolutely nothing but scuba diving
-the home life (what little there is) continues to provide a regular air show full of military jets and choppers. This runway is a mile from the radio-control runway and two miles from the off-road-vehicle park (both located on Fort Sill).
-located a local school teacher who has a unicycle class in the beginning stages. I’ll soon be able to make time to help out. Tommy, please email me with any pointers that might help these little ones, or the club, to get started.
-one of the new unibikes (Specialized Enduro Expert) has arrived, ready for modification (the other (FSR Elite) was mistakenly sent to Louisiana; can’t win em’ all). The necessary sprockets are sitting on the dining table (thanks, George).
-the collection has also acquired a track bike, for trials at the velo courses in Dallas, Austin, and Colorado Springs.

My lack of future rambling will be a good (and probably thankful) indication that there is much more fun to be had than I have time to fit into my schedule (and computing is last on the list). Strangely, I’ve heard from many locals that there’s nothing to do in this town; a rumor that has thankfully kept the population low. You all are sworn to secrecy :astonished:


PS: Don’t everybody move here at once!

All of your pinky or part of it? Did they put part/all of it back on?


I’m late again, sorry. I was visiting Bruce’s neck of the woods for some more x-ray training. Beautiful weather up there this time of year!

I just lost a half-inch of the finger. It was sort of smashed/pulled off as our handlebars met. It was a good wake-up call. Even though we were being scored separately, the race was being run in combination with the pro class (read ‘very fast riders, with a few out of control, inexperienced, maniacs’). This 44-year-old didn’t belong there.

The finger tip was never found. The glove was also torn, and the part in question was left on the track to be scattered by spinning knobbies (the raccoons probably enjoyed it after the races). The surgeon said they don’t re-attach fingers to antiques like myself, anyway. The success rate is near zero. If you plan (ha) to cut a finger off, do it while you’re young!

As a testament to the ‘never quit’ theory, when I returned a week later (last Friday night) for an hour of practice after the races (slow, painful, bandaged practice), I learned that since I got up after the last-lap crash, and finished the race before checking on the numbness problem, I somehow picked up another 2nd place finish. :thinking: The pro’s must have taken out a few other old timers before they got to me.