what happened to to the Kris Holm workshop videos?

It used to be here, but this web site seems to no longer exist. This =
was posted, maybe, 5 months ago or so.

That link worked about a week ago. I havent had a chance to DL any of the movies from it either, Drat. Hopefully it’ll come back online soon…

Ah, I just happened to download all of them about 3 days ago. The only problem is that I do not have a place to put them. I suppose Kazaa would work for anybody interested. Let me know…

hmm I dont see em on Kazaa, But how about a file swap on AOL Instant mesanger??

the SN is Smrfnstien if anyone wants to send me a file or 2?

If you just want to chat that’s cool too… but you know I will charge you $5.95 hr :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are going to be a UNICON I can burn them onto a CD-R for you.

Rush rush rush!
I didn’t have them posted on Kazaa yet… in a few minutes they will be. Try a search for Kris Holm under video.