What happened to the person learning on a Coker?

What happened to the daily log of the very brave (if not insane - ponders that) person learning to ride on a Coker?

How are you doing?

Come on spill the beans?

Go on?


Ahhh. Thanks.

I lost track of days but am keeping track of hours now. I’m just over the 9 hour mark and so close to riding that I can taste it. I have decided to dispense with all outside support (other than a family member to call an ambulance if I break something important) and just go for it.

I stopped the daily logs because I got sick of saying “I still can’t ride yet”. Let’s face it, how many times can you say that before it gets boring?


Sounds like you’re progressing quite well. I believe the average time for learning is 10-12 hours on a MUCH smaller wheel!!!
Keep up the good work :smiley: :smiley:

Keep up the good work Jayne. Sounds like your doing great. I’ve got maybe 15 hours in on a 20" wheel and can now go 20 meters or so with some regularity. Having a little trouble breaking through that barrier. Just going for it is a good thing to do. I was probably at the 5 hour mark and still clinging to the fence at the tennis court for dear life when I decided I HAD to let go of my crutch. The first many tries were an excercise in frustation but progress started to come relatively quickly.

I’m really impressed with anyone who would try to learn on a Coker. My hat’s off to you.:smiley:

Uhm, I’m heading into my 3rd year. :smiley:

Well, what makes it worse is having to watch the 20 YO who has only practiced twice! Both times at the club, both times a week apart, and the little twerp is already venturing out into the great abyss with a fair amount of success, admittedly on a 20 inch wheel. He asked if he could ride the coker and I said NO!

Last night I told him, if he got all the way across the floor, he could go and stand behind my car so I could reverse over him. :wink:

He thought I was joking!

The innocence of youth. :roll_eyes:


you’d hate my mate ryan then, i do, hes had about 15 hours worth riding time, and already can do small crank grabs and go to rubber on a 12" ledge it took me like a year or so to get to that

Actually, I looked forward to your posts (once you explained that it wasn’t ballroom dancers but a dancer in particular that was peaking your ire :wink: ) and found them to be interesting.

Are your rug rats still wanting to help and do it, too?

The 14YO boy child refuses point blank to get on one wheel. The 4YO girl child wants to learn to ride NOW, preferably on the coker. I sat her on it the other day and took photos. If they come out OK I’ll post them as they should be pretty cute. Mostly they are a hindrance rather than a help. There’s nothing more distracting than the sound of children killing each other. I keep threatening to shut them in the garage with the dogs.

Jackie won’t believe that both the coker and the 24 are too big for her. I’m waiting for a postage quote from unicycle.com and then she’s getting a 16 inch Torker to learn on. Non-unicyclists want to know if she can ride a bike yet. What’s that got to do with it?

I found out yesterday that a guy at work though I was learning on a 20 inch wheel as he’s never seen big unicycles. How vague is “My unicycle has a 36 inch wheel, it’s about as tall as my daughter”?


I used to enjoy your daily rants - was almost becoming to feel that it was a soap, you, your unicycle, and your kids, dogs and all the goings on!

You’ve nearly done it, so well done indeed! <applauds>



Wow, cokers are bigger than I thought. I went to my first unicycle club and it was fun, met new people, and saw some that I met last summer. They had a coker, and once I swiped a seat with the right sized post off one of the unis laying around I tried it. It is a lot different than a 20 or a 24. It’s like it reacts a lot slower, but it goes so much faster. I didn’t get very far, but I stayed on for a little. One time I got some speed and tried to stop and it flew out from under me, it didn’t wanna stop that fast I guess. I’m pretty sure i’ll get one eventually. I’m also thinking of getting a sort of club going, cause the one I went to doesn’t fit in my schedule too much, and a bunch of kids I know wanna learn, so i’ll see what this clubs like first and maybe copy it a little.