what happened to the gallery?

the gallery has been flip floped of somthing.

Now your gallery doesn’t get renumbered every time another is added. Thanks Gilby. :slight_smile:


Weird… I am not sure how that happened. In any case, it looks like it’s time to categorize all the albums and put each album in another album, so that there’d be an album full of other albums with categories like events (nationals, unicon, muni weekend), muni, freestyle, long distance rides, artwork, unicycle construction, etc.

Does anyone want to do this? :slight_smile: If so, let me know and I’ll set you up with the permissions to move the albums around.


I think that’s a great idea.


sounds like a perfect match. “andrew_carter Gallery engineer”

i’d take the job but i’m 30yrs. old and lame.

I’d take the job, but I don’t know what to do. I’d be glad to help, but I’ll need directions and I’m no computer expert.


This would be a great service. The Gallery was getting way too big to find anything in there, and this will help a lot.

You may also want to have some top categories, then break each of them into sub-categories. For example, my only gallery so far is a collection of video clips. I’d make a totally separate video section (though i realize some albums are mixed). Then divide the video section by content as well.

One of the big ones will probably be “equipment” or something, where people are taking pictures of their hardware. This topic could be divided between custom and off-the-shelf, and then sub-divided by cycle type, such as Coker, MUni, Trials, etc.

It would be nice also if albums could be identified by date and author, along with a one-sentence description of what’s in there.

I don’t mean to be overly discouraging, but this will never work in an environment as unstructured as this. Here’s an article, not all of which is relevant here, but which gives some honest glimmer of why I say this.


Professional information, content, whatever, managers struggle to make this kind of thing work. Some succeed, some don’t but in all successful cases the bases for making decisions are well defined in advance (with the flexibility to change over time, of course) and those decisions are made by a small set of people, not each and every creator of the content.

My honest opinion is that without someone(s) closely managing this process, it’s not worth the time.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I upgraded the gallery software to the latest version. It now has a few extra features such as the option to display the owner of the album, a counter to show how manby views an album had, and a comment system.

  • Gilby
    (and it looks like I am logged in as the test user I made)

What would happen to a gallery like mine where I store all sorts of things in there? I’ve got photos and videos, trials, muni (in the near future), freestyle, and equipment photos.


I’d have thought the best way to arrange it would be using a cross between John’s suggestion and the way it is now. People could maintain their own album with whatever they wanted in that; possibly in sub-albums and the like. Any other photos like events could be put into a more structured system, perhaps, or just grouped together, for example all albums of various UNICONs being put together.

My only concern is that would rearranging everything break links to the stuff in older threads?

Reorganising it would be nice though… it’d be a chance to get rid of the non-unicycling rubbish you find every now and then.

If no-one else wants to do it I volunteer my services, as long as no-one’s in a rush…*


  • I realise I may come to regret this… :slight_smile:


I will now take to calling you Sisyphus, if you don’t mind.

May I strongly suggest that since the descriptions and titles are searchable, that anyone creating galleries populate them lavishly with relevant descriptors, e.g. Muni, freestyle, equipment, Coker, etc, particularly if their material does not fit into a particular gallery. Put as many terms in the description as apply to your content, e.g. photos, videos, to ensure that they get picked up when searches are done.

So for example, Sir Andrew of Australia’s miscellaneous gallery of things might have a description such as:

“Andrew Carter’s gallery of various unicycle related pictures and videos including, muni (mountain unicycling, off-road unicycling, rough terrain unicycling), freestyle, trials, equipment and course construction.”

And those who have such miscellany for galleries should make it a point of updating their descriptions periodically.

Oh yeah, proof-read your spelling. Not many people are going to search for “girraffes”.

Good luck,
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Put it in a group called “Persoanl Albums” or “Unicyclist’s Albums” or whatever.

No, the URLs will remain the same, just where it appears on teh listing of albums will change.

Perhaps a solution to the problem JJuggle pointed out is for the categorizing process to be manual. People uploading albums can request a category area, but maybe they start out by appearing in an “uncategorized” area, and later being moved into the structure by one or more content managers. Assuming the album URLs don’t have to change, this might be pretty easy.

Once the structure is set up, people will be more likely to put together their albums with the various categories in mind. For people uploading a pile of miscelaneous pictures, they can either remain in the uncategorized area, or in a different section of “Misc” that’s associated with the name of the uploader rather than the content.

All I have in the galleries so far are a bunch of video clips, which I keep in nested albums inside a single “John’s Video” album. This works for the moment in that they’re all MUni clips (I think). Later I might have to break that down. Or I can put a link page on my own Web site to point to all my different Unicyclist.com albums. I should have that already…

Oh, I don’t know… Girraffes are pritty popular. Sure, lots of folks are into try-all’s and Mueni -but there is still a dedicated group who just love their camellepards.


ok the new gallery options look good but for some reason i cant figure out how to put my name “jagur” in the owner: spot?

how do i do this?

It’s done automatically and puts the users name for whoever makes that album.

well then it didnt do it for me?http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albums.php?&set_albumListPage=5

It uses your name, not your username. So, when you registered for a unicyclist.com account, you had the “Real Name” field empty and therefore it apeared empty in the gallery. I just changed it to have Jagur appear for yours.