What happened to the BC/Impossible wheel?

I can’t seem to find any of these available online anymore, I swear not more than a year ago there were at least 5 sellers just in google shopping results alone.

Couldn’t find it on the US store of unicycle.com. The Canadian store seems to be out of stock. You’re only other chance for new wheel in North America is www.bedfordunicycles.ca , the specialist in BC wheels. Beford is located in Canada (Toronto), but e-mail or call Darren, he’s a really nice guy. If you really want to buy from the US, you can always call/e-mail unicycle.com USA to know when and if they will be restocking them soon.

You might have a chance looking on the sales&trades forums, e-bay or any other websites like e-bay.

That being said, it’s not because there’s no BC wheels on unicycle.com USA that there isn’t any BC wheels at all anymore, I can assure you that the UK store, the NZ store, Sweden store, Danish store and maybe other stores from unicycle.com are actually storing them.

Cool, thank you very much for the info. I’m not sure if I want to get one yet, I like the idea of a BC wheel, have never used one unfortunately though. Was just looking into it for future reference.


I’d like to see a video of this…


Don’t have the pipe drop-in on video.
Bryan stopped riding BC a few years ago…

That’s a huge bummer. I had been trying to find more recent stuff from him. Looked like he could have taken it really far.

K-1 Bryan Stevens Footplates

Hopefully I’ll be getting the K-1 Bryan Stevens Pro Model thru Renegade Juggling soon. Even tho Bryan stopped riding he’s still by far the best in my mind. There’s a chance I’ll be selling my old nimbus BC in a little while.

HAH! Let us know what you think of those foot plates.

Bryan never even gotten to ride them!
Haven’t seen the Koxx DVD he’s in eithor :roll_eyes:

I guess we currently miss enthousiast freaks that push the limits, like Evan Byrne and Spencer Hochberg did.

OK, I need to add a name to my previous post…

Do you have any video links you’d like to post? I love seeing BC videos

No, sorry, I basicly only archive seperate skills, no video compilations.
And the BC section of unicyclist.org is not too large:

I think you’d better try the site-search here on “video Evan Byrne” (or Spencer Hochberg, or without a name).
Like you he was also from CA to, but can’t remember from where exactly. His dad was an airline pilot, and he (Evan) was self-teaching, and very aware and smart of what happens in the world. Yes; certainly another interresting and friendly character in the unicycle world. Wonder what catched his attention that he’s now not that much around anymore.


Evan’s from Ojai, CA. He dislocated his shoulder trying to jump over a tennis net on a bc wheel and for a while after he had a lot of problems with it so he had to stop riding. Since then he’s gotten surgery and that’s fixed but he never got back into it. Now he’s into flying, skydiving and body building.

Ouch! That’s too bad, sounds like he’s still having plenty of fun though.

Spencer, what happened to all your vids under your old handle “littledude2”?

Or is it just the whole gallery (I can’t open it. Is it permanently out of order?).

Yeah the gallery doesn’t exist anymore, for a while it died every now and then, and eventually it stopped coming back to life. I don’t remember what I had in there, there could be funny old stuff or I could have deleted stuff that I thought was embarrassing :stuck_out_tongue:

Got bored last night and threw this together. Crazy that its already 5 years ago.