What happened to colored KH Fusion Street Saddles

Didn’t there used to be colored KH Fusion Street choices on UDC? What happened? I want orange to match my Oracle 24…

Maybe you can contact them and see if they will swap out the blue or black for an orange cover? Other wise you have to spend an extra 19 bucks for the orange cover.

You can order them from compulsion cycles here.

Actually, I believe it would be cheaper to order them from UDC UK even with paying a lot of shipping. I don’t know why but their saddles are way cheaper.

(According to my calculations it would be ~70$ by the time you paid shipping)

Just on a side note completely unrelated:

Thanks for the link to Compulsion Cycles. Now I know where I can get a Nimbus 32h hub in the US!

Carry on!

All apologies for the thread jack.

Oh wow, I was going to post a link to that in your thread but I forgot. :roll_eyes: :astonished: :sunglasses:

Turns out they have them on UDC. But you have to look under accessories, not just saddles. UDC says you can’t swap out covers, have to buy seat plus cover.

I am working on getting a used saddle then will buy the cover.

I have just put an orange KH freeride on my oracle 24" and it is awesome and i have a KH street on my KH 19" if i where you i would get the Freeride instead of the street if you are using it for muni as it is much more comfortable in my opinion :slight_smile:

It depends what you like in a saddle. For muni a freeride is nice and comfy but it can become quite uncomfortable after an hour or more of riding with no dismounts.

Anatomy plays a part in saddle choice The street is narrower and has a different profile which might suit some riders more. Heck, some people like to ride on hi tops and air saddles…