what got you interested in Unicycling?


I was inpierd by seeing Kris Hom on Ripleys believe it or not and now i think im level 2 or 3 rider but that doesnt matter because i like muni and tuni better then freestyle( not that theres anything wrong with that :slight_smile: ).

In spring a couple of years ago, I was having trouble finishing an exceedingly frustrating term paper, my last one of my degree. I was out for a head-clearing stroll when I saw a 24” Norco hanging in the front window of the local bike shop. From that moment on, I developed an obsessive, uncompromising urge to purchase and learn to ride said unicycle. My daydreams were confusing, mingled scenarios that combined my term paper, which was on weevil ecology, with unicycles…a very bizarre amalgamation. So as a reward for finishing the term paper a week later, I choked up the cash, bought the uni and spent the next month leaping to the ground in valiant attempts to ride on one wheel. Soon after I started, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE…parents, neighbours, friends, posties, squigie-kids, shopkeepers, etc. – started telling me about Kris Holm (he being from southwest BC and all). Apparently, I was on the only person left in the province who had not heard of MUni. After a bit, I emailed Kris for advice, and he kindly told me about rsu.

I have not been evaluated for skill level…I’m guessing pretty novice. I mainly ride the thing to get places, either on or offroad.

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I also saw Ripley’s thanks to a phone call from sofa. Then seeing Kris on New World Disorder made it even more amazing. I do have to thank sofa for buying one first. I would not have gotten one if i didnt see any ability while trying his. I’m glad it didnt take too long to see some progress. Thanks sofa for jumping in head first.(and letting me learn too)

Around September last year my brother-in-law introduced me to unicycling. He had gotten the bug from his girlfriend, and was getting ready to ride in the “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade.

Suitably intrigued, I went out and bought a cheap used unicycle off craigslist. It had a host of problems: bent cranks, lollipop bearings, old metal-bumper seat. Ten minutes into trying to ride it, the front bumper sheared off. Ten minutes later, the front of the seat had deformed into two nice points that dug into my thighs. Ten minutes later, I decided I should probably plunk down money and buy something that resembled a real unicycle.

Fast forward two weeks, and I was handily breaking the bumpers off the Viscount seat on my new 24" Torker. With some new screws, I was good to go, and I managed to get riding fairly quickly. A week or two after the Torker arrived, I went for a nighttime (!) ride around the Berkeley marina with my BOL and his Girlfriend…and managed to do fairly well, given that I was barely able to freemount.

I can ride much better now; although I still need to work on improving my smoothness, I can do a couple of different mounts, and I’m getting near to being able to idle…


Teehee… that sounds familiar. I learnt to juggle while procrastinating over having to write an essay… :slight_smile:

I feel your pain… John will vouch for this; I think my parents like us riding around, but they tend to see them as deathtraps if we start trying anything other than going forwards on them. Goodness knows what they’d say if I told them about trials on a unicycle… :slight_smile:


My first memory of unicycles was in the Detroit Thanksgiving Parade in (cough) 1967. We saw it live, from the 2nd floor window of my Grandpa’s office, which was about to be demolished as part of the widening of Woodward Ave.

The unicycles made enough of an impression on me that I remembered and drew pictures of them. I believe it would have been the St. Helens group that year.

I first got to try a unicycle in 1976 or so, on a P.O. S. Troxel. Learning to actually ride the thing caused it to self-destruct, so I didn’t complete the learning process until late 1979, on Bradley Bradley’s Schwinn Giraffe. Not a recommended learning-to-ride sequence or timeline.

“I’m not a level 9, but I play on on TV.”
That is, I demonstrated level 9 in the (1989) IUF Skill Levels video, with many outtakes. I never mastered the hand wheel walk in level 8, and still don’t think I ever will. Please note that skill level is a good rating system for freestyle, but doesn’t tell much else about a riders’ ability.

what got you interested in Unicycling?

I saw someone ride up a curb when I was probably Jr. Hi. age and it captured my imagination. At age 15 a friend’s dad said he had a uni and brought up a Troxel. As John said, amost impossible to ride, I doubt if I ever got farther than 20 feet. Then on my 16th birthday there was a beautiful 24" Chrome Schwinn hidden in the closet…

In 26 years I’ve only tested through level 2. I guess I should learn to do seat out and one foot this year, then I can probably pass level 4. But not on the Troxel, I still have it though.

I’m 44 and I am a Level -3 unicyclist. That means there are three non-riding unicycling skills I have tried where, in trying to demonstrate the non-riding unicycling skill to an official USA tester, I tripped over a stray unicycle and fell (translation: I have not learned to ride a unicycle yet and I am a hopeless klutz).

I first became involved with unicycling in 1999 when I volunteered to join with some people my wife had met in our area. Our task was to organize the 1999 National Unicycling Convention. I had once helped organize the United States Amateur Rowing Championships (as in Olympic-class rowing), I had worked in public relations and as a newspaper reporter and I was doing project management and engineering management consulting for a living. These folks mistakenly assumed that I had some skills that could be easily transfered into the world of unicycling.

This same group of people decided I need more practice on my non-unicycling skills (they were watching when I tested at Level 13), so they asked my to serve as the chairman of the local organizing committee and the event director for the 2002 North American Unicycling Championships and Convention and the Eleventh International Unicycling Convention and Championships.

I am now serving as the President of the Unicycling Society of America and as the Secretary / Treasurer of the International Unicycling Federation. My goal in each ofthese position is simple: To one day have the sole power to rewrite the USA and IUF Skill Levels and Testing Rules so that I may finally show some progression and declare myself to be a Level -2 unicyclist.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America

In the 1980’s I did an acrobatics workshop (one year) and one night we
had unicycles available. While quite some of my fellows could wobble
for 5 or 10 feet after an hour of practicing, I only made a fool of
myself and decided this was definitely not for me.

However, three years ago, my daughter Jorga got a unicycle for her 11th birthday (she wanted one very badly). I enjoyed teaching her how to ride and freemount. I was a non-rider at the time but I quickly found this newsgroup and other internet resources. When I saw her picking it up I noticed a slowly-emerging itch to try again and learn myself as well.

Then we discovered a unicycle club not very far away (BTW also via
this newsgroup). They were very open to beginners and I started riding
in September 2000. In the meantime my other (younger) daughter also got infected and now owns a uni too. My wife briefly tried but she’s given up. (Hmm, maybe she needs another 15 years to let it sink in - like me.)

We now have 4 unicycles in the house, and more are planned. I’m a level 2, have most of level 3 skills and some 4. But I don’t practice skills, just MUni.

This question has come up before in the newsgroup, so for some more responses see also:
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Re: what got you interested in Unicycling?

I’ve been riding for three months. I’m level zero. The silliness attracted me.

uni57 (Dave)

Been riding for 1 month, almost level 2 (darn left foot mount), but not certified. What got me interested? I don’t know, one day I just decided I wanted to do it, out of the blue, lol. So I asked for one for my xmas gift, and here I am.

Basically Sal got me into unicycliing (though also Jeff Lutkus and other unicyclists here at RIT). He had his about 1 month and half when I decided I wanted to learn. We watched videos on the internet. The trials stuff really is what excited me, but also MUni and freestyle seemed interesting too. A week or two later I bought my own.

Oh so I started learning in october of last year a little let than 4 months ago. Right now I’m perfecting level 4 skills, working on 5-7 I guess. I can’t motivate myself to practice idling really, but I’m getting close to wheel walking well.

Yeah and also everyone here is why I unicycle. I love you guys. :smiley:

i got into unicycling about a year ago, after having done a lot of juggling…
i started cos bmx and skate board just werent enough anymore and had been far too over popularised.
i just finished building my new unicyle and now plymouth is witnessing some serious unicycle street and the trials are getting laid down too…

I got a unicycle for Christmas in 1967 when I was 7. Didn’t know anything about them, never learned to ride it and I still don’t know why my parents got it for me. Fast forward 35 years and I saw one at the local swapmeet. Asked the guy the price and he said $175.00. I said something along the lines of who would be dumb enough to pay that much for something so silly. That was three months ago and I really enjoy riding my Coker. Which brings up a couple of regrets.

  1. What kind of Uni did I miss out on at the Swapmeet?
  2. If I’d learned in 1967 you’d be saying Kris who?

No I don’t really believe that but I do wonder . . . hmmmm . . .

Steve Anderson

Unicycled when I was about 12 or 13 yrs old. Some 30+years ago. Used to ride it to school cause it was fun and faster than walking. Then didn’t ride again until…
my daughters friend got a united for christmas last month, and I had to show em how it’s done. Made it about 20 feet before I crashed. Well that rehooked me so I got a torker about 3 weeks ago or so and have been riding it all over the neighborhood, weather permitting. I can freemount just about every time now, and am working on idling. Got aways to go on the idling:(
Anyway, now my kids are trying to learn ride, so I am trying to encourage them . It’s amazing how much abuse a torker seat can take :astonished:

what got you intrested in Unicycling ?

In the place where I was fitted with a hearing aid there was a view on a bike shop.Shiny unicycle was hanging on the shop window ( it turned to be 16").I felt I owed myselve retirement gift. New adventure has started.It was April 2001.My ignorance of the subject was colse to perfection.

way, way back in the mists of the very early nineties ( july of 91) I was working for a tented theatre company, touring around the parks of London, England. I was a keen 2 wheel cyclist, one of my colleges ( the box office person , Dawn) had a uni, she couldn’t ride, one of the other FOH staff, greg ( from S.Africa) could ride, so he showed me how to get on and the rest I figured out by falling off a lot. I do not recomend learning on rough grass land with only a very wobbly fence to launch off from. Bur I did it and all these years later, I’m still doing it.

over the years unis have come and gone and bruises have come and gone. But the grins still there.


Further to my earlier post &c. A pride inconsistent with my published opinions dictates that I must put myself forward as approximately Level 4… except I don’t do seat on stomach or seat out back/in front. Not that it matters you understand, ahem!:o
I remain sirs, &c.


I started riding because my good friend Chris (Rhysling) revealed that he knew how to ride. I had been given a unicycle at age 18 but I was going off to college way back then (1985) and so I ignored the gift. A shame. However, seeing Chris on the unicycle instantly brought with it a desire to ride. I ordered one and toughed out the learning process (I am not a fast learner) and it was worth every bit of it.

My skill level is zero, but un-officially I am level 2. I will probably never advance farther because I have no interest in learning seat on stomach. :slight_smile:


My cousin brought a unicycle to a annual family reunion. She and two of her brothers could (barely) ride. They remained in town about a week, and unicycle riding was constantly attempted. By the time they left, we all had bloody ankles, skinned knees palms and elbows. We enjoyed it so much my brother mail orderd a Iverson right away. My 70yr old neighbor (non-rider, but saw people ride) coached us for the next few months. My cousin moved back into town and we rode everywhere. When I turned 16, I stopped riding and didn’t start again until my brother went to a convention and told me about the things possible on a unicycle. I didn’t believe him until I got a video.

I found and read:
“Aother deep uni question” (yes with typo), dated :2002-01-30,
But couldn’t find:
“What got you here…”, dated: 2001-05-01

If you don’t count the 20 years I didn’t ride, I’ve been riding maybe 6 or 8 years. I’ve tested to level 2 but ride MUni and know skill levels do not apply to off-road skills.