what got you interested in Unicycling?

Hey everybody, I was just wondering what attracted all of you to unicycling, how long you’ve been unicycling and what level your at. I was attracted by the Toronto Unicyclists, when they were on Breakfast Television doing Trials. I’ve been Unicycling for a month Now and am almost a level 2 rider, although I’m not certified, yet.



I got into unicycling because of seeing the Montreal unicyclers playing a wildly exciting game of uni basketball at last year’s juggling festival in Montreal. Up to then I didn’t know you could do anything other than circus performances on a uni… duh! Anyways, after the basketball game I started looking into uni’s more seriously and realized rather quickly that not only could you just plain go places on a uni there was also MUni!! Yes, and that was a pertect reason to learn to ride a uni.

Don’t know what level I am as I ride mainly so that I can MUni. Most of the skills I practice are directly related to something I can use while commuting or riding trails.


I had been juggling for a good many years before I got my first unicycle. I’m not sure what really sparked my interest; I suppose it was one of those things that was related (in the more circus-like sense) to juggling and I’m always up for new challenges, so I got one. At first I thought it would be absolutely, insanely hard to go off-road and that mountain unicyclists must be insane.


I 14 now, and learnt in the summer of 2000.
Me and my dad went to a bike festival, and there was Duncan Castling (designer of the pashely MUni) with Hot Stuff, a unicycle and juggling roadshow. I had a go on one of their unicycles, and i could almost do it, but it was gettin dark, and we had to go home. A few week later, i got a learner unicycle from Roger (Uni.Uk.Com) and learnt within a weekend or so.

Im currently level 6 or 7 (according to what i printed off my computer) .

My dad learnt last year, because i had no one to uni with, and well… he couldnt just be sittin watching everybody at conventions!! Hes about a level 2 now!

(I also juggle and diabolo now aswell)

C ya’s


I’ve been riding and racing moutain bikes for about 10 or 12 years and was always looking for a new challenge. While walking through a flea market a few weeks ago, I spotted a uni and bought it. I’m still learning the ropes but went ahead and ordered a new Torker so that when I progress, I can return to the dirt on one wheel!!

I started unicycling when my friend’s dad learnt, then my friend learnt, so i decided to give it a go. I have already been mountain biking for 2 years. And i picked it up pretty quick, and i’m now about level 7, but mostly into trials and MUni.


Re: what got you interested in Unicycling?

I saw Kris Holm on Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. I bought a norco soon after.


I saw a guy named Kris Holm on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, ran upstairs and ordered one.

A “you better learn to ride that F’**kin thing!” from my wife kept me motivated :o

Hello, Ed Hansen here.

I’ve been riding since 2 November of 2002, so about 3 months now. I’ve been failry diligent in journaling my progression as I go.

A friend in my drinking/running club, (www.harrier.net) was whipping around the pool on a unicycle at one of our big events. She was able to idle, pick up a beer, and ride away while drinking it. All 200 of us spectators where very impressed and proud because she didn’t spill a drop. A few days later, when I was finally sober, I was mountainbiking. I kept having to put my feet down because I wasn’t very good at the slow, technical stuff both up and down hill. I thought back to the unicyle and figured it would be the perfect way to improve my balance for these slow rocky areas. I didn’t know that Muni and uni trials existed yet. I figured I’d just be riding around my apartment’s parking lot for a few weeks, and that would be the end of it. Boy was I wrong. A quick search on yahoo.com showed me several websites and the rest is history.

I’m almost level 3, untested, but I know what I can do. As soon as I get the stomach on seat thing, I will just about have it licked, oh and getting my figure-8 tighter. My 20 inch stealth torker should be here soon, so that will make it easier. Some day I’ll be able to test out on my 24, but If it’s legal on a 20, then so much the better, right?

I started with the 24 inch Chrome Torker, then decided I needed a 6 foot savage giraffe. Now I’m playing with a 24 Yuni MUni and my 20 inch stealth torker is on a UPS truck somewhere in America. I still plan to get a 36 inch Coker when the price is right. I foresee a bomb-proof 20 trials uni in the far, far future. I think I’ll stop there.

Still working on idle and backwards then seat out front ride/hop. Hopefully before Moab.

yep, longwinded… who’s next?

:stuck_out_tongue: LOL, thats what my mum kept saying (but without the F’**ing part), when me and my dad would seem to bring home a new unicycle every month or so. Now we’ve got 4x 20", 2x 26" MUnis and a 6ft giraffe which all live in our dinning room! :smiley: Actually, they arent JUST unicycles, there works of art! :D:D:D


Hey Dylan, we posted the same thing at pretty much at the same time…that’s cool

Re: what got you interested in Unicycling?


I had wanted to learn when I was a boy, but I didn’t have much money and
I wouldn’t have known where to find a unicycle if I did. Last spring I
came across an advert for a Savage and thought it looked affordable. I
ended up purchasing a couple of United’s. One for me and one for my 11
year daughter. We both learned to ride, then my five year old learned,
and he and I have been MUni-ing almost every weekend during this mild
Alaskan winter. We had a wonderful ride just yesterday. :smiley:



The chap next door two years ago used to ride a bit… I thought it looked kinda fun. Then when on placement last year, with a bit of cash floating around for the first time in ages, I saw one in a shop window… the thought got into my head, and didn’t leave. I bought it just after New Year, 2002, with the intention of getting good enough to juggle on it.

Then a month or so later I found rec.sport.unicycling, and it was all downhill* from there…


  • pun kinda half-intended… :slight_smile:

I believe it was Nerw World Disorder that turned me onto unicycling (the mountain biking video). I’ve been mountain biking now for about 2 years and unicycling since May of 2002. As soon as I learnt to unicycle so many more areas of the sport opened up like trials and muni. Although I do enjoy freestyle I don’t do that much of it. Personally I prefer trials and muni. I think once I’ve got some practice on my new muni (1st muni and 2nd unicycle) my favourite type of riding will be freeride muni or something like that.

I don’t think the skill levels are a true indicator of your general unicycling ability but I suppose they’re pretty accurate for freestyle. I think I’m level 5 with a level 7 and a level 10 skill in there somewhere or something like that.


That’s what I say, although that’s probably mostly because I’m rubbish at freestyle… :slight_smile:

I just don’t practise freestyle much… when I get time to ride I’m either jumping up stuff or finding trials to ride.


Unicycling was just one of those things on my unwritten list of things I’d like to try, along with parachuting, paragliding, waterskiing and so on. Then one day I saw a street circus performer unicycling on a tightrope. I asked him where I could buy a unicycle - he gave me two leads: DM Engineering and Pashley. (This was around 1986/7.)

I had heard of Pashley, having ridden one of their tandems, I traced their factory and they confirmed that they made unicycles - and that I could buy one from Halfords! (US readers: Halfords is a mainstream bicycle/auto parts shop found in every town!)

The catalogue showed 3 models: a 20, a 24, and a 20 inch UMX (Unicycle Moto Cross) which they said was good for something called ‘unicycle yomping’ (I kid you not!).

So I bough the UMX and rode it on simple off road trails, and occasionally with the Morris dancers. 15 years later, I met another street circus performer who showed me how to idle. I was on a bit of a ‘get fit’ campaign at the time, and, having nowhere to store a bicycle, decided to buy a better unicycle. That was the Pashley 26 MUni. The link from Unicycle.uk.com led me here, and then I found out what I’d been missing.

And level? Probably 1 or 2… but partly because of my attitude to riding, which is that there’s a reason why the wheel is round, and there’s a reason why unicycles are made with 2 pedals. I prefer to ride it reasonable distances on varied terrain, rather than hopping about and stuff. But that’s me.

Yeh, it’s so easy when you plan to practice some freestyle skills just to get distracted and go and drop off some things and ride along some rails and things like that. It’s just so fun!

I was inspiried by a friend of mines brother. He Uni’ed and juggled which looked pretty cool so about 3 days later I bought myself a Uni. I’ve been Unicycling for about 7 months now. I’m almost a level 5, but since I can do a few level 6, 7, and 8 tricks, I consider myself a 5 :smiley: .


nothing got me started in unicycling except myself. i got a unicycle because it looked hard and i wanted to test myself. I have been riding for four years. I got my first uni for my eigth grade graduation present. I asked for it because I had never seen anybody do it before. I thought you could only ride them and didn’t know there were any tricks. One day I got bored and rode my 24 inch road uni out of the back of the pickup truck. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. After that i built a cool uni and started looking for uni’s online. mainly information. then I realized that there was many tricks. so i started uning before i knew about tricks or any of that cool stuff. now i love doing tricks and crazy stuff.

it was something different and a challenge. my parents thought it was a waste and i never got a cent from them. all of my friends laughed at me. well ive worked hard and come this far. i consider myself to be a level 5 or 6 rider. i learn whatever skill i feel like learning.