What goes up...

“Stumbled” into old material…

Ouch, that bail looked very sore.

stairs are scary. I’ve always been fine, but people I know hurt themselves on stairs.
but my first thought was, I wonder if those stairs are rollable, upward.
nobody has really done that, have they? I’m thinking a 29 or coker.

are you ok? :astonished:
that was a nasty bail!!!

Wow! that looked really bad, you landed directly on your arm!

The crash looks awefull, but it really didn’t hurt that much… therefor the “armortest” failure… hahhahah
Yeah, let them old guys…

awww man that sucks, you just lost confidence…

Done by David Weichenberger, 5 set on a 20 inch.

Ouch! I would’ve gotten more momentum before heading down those stairs. It helps to find your balance prior to the decent.

I must try that.

I done a 3 stair yesterday on my 24" didnt get it on cam tho.

and thats must have hurt abit. love the title