What gloves are YOU using for trials/street riding?

hi all,

i’m thinking about investing in a set of gloves. any recommendations?

As you already probably know, I’m a (urban) trials rider.

Keep in mind:
I live in Michigan…those of you who went to NAUCC in Bowling Green (1.5hrs from my house in Adrian) know what I’m talking about when I say that the humidity in the summer is a killer! Which means, although they are good (I hear), I probably won’t be picking up a set of KH gloves, being that word around the campfire is that they’re warm (which in Michigan’s case, would make a decent winter riding glove instead)…

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evan d

MOTO X gloves.

I like the wrist support in the KH gloves I use, however the full finger design is rather hot it the summer.

I use PRYME “Dem Bones” gloves. Full finger, mesh backing arent TOO hot, some wrist support without being too constricting.

661 dirt jumping gloves. i got a great deal on a pair of the “nastys” i like the non-padded palm, i think for trials it gets in the way.

The back’s of them are synthetic and wick the sweat away. I like them in the summer. They have great wrist support, too.

thanks for all of the help guys!

when i go home this weekend, I’ll have to see what my LBS is offering, before i decide to order/buy anything.


There is one more rarely considered option for quality riding gloves! The Home Depot.

I have a pair of Harbingers and to me they are like leather-elastic ovens. As a distance runner, I was never able to keep a pair of gloves on for more than 1/2 mile because I always found them too hot, no matter what the temperature.

However, I took some leather work gloves, cut off the fingers, and I can wear these without a problem. They provide no wrist protection but I never all anyway. (OK. I lied. Sometimes I fall down.)

Some people have had the audacity to suggest they lack aesthetic appeal. (Not mentioning any names in reverse, namguB & dnommurD.) So, if you need to look the part, these aren’t for you. But for the unicyclist who doesn’t need to conform to any style, these are all that, and some. I love them!

Plus, you can use old broken-in and worn out gloves, because you are cutting off the fingers anyway.

Hey, maybe I’ll market them. I think I have a couple more worn-out pair in the truck.

Fox sidewinders are my favorite. Although the modle I like is about 4 years old. Things I look for in a glove is comfort, a snot rag on the thumb and a padded palm for when you fall.

I go for TSG professional wrist guards everytime, i just don’t see the need for a full finger glove. http://www.socalskateshop.com/images/products/TSGwrist.jpg

I’m buying these ones soon, they’re winter confortable too.

I use Fox Digit gloves, they’re comfortable in summer and winter, even though you will need to wash them very regularly, as they begin to smell quite badly, quite quickly. (Mainly due to the fact that I wipe my forehead with them, it has a special area for that) It has saved my hands from severe bruising more then once, and it makes my KH seat handle much more comfortable to hold.

I use full finger gloves just skinny ones tho so they dont get warm…

i have the exact same gloves, fcwegnm0b. they are great to use with or without the plastic plates, since they make the gloves kinda chunky.

sweet…i was thinking of going full-fingered. more protection, even though i rarely hurt my hands.

will my hands be less rough?

i’m thinking about going fox or 661. i feel good about both.

thanks guys,

A friend of mine had the very expensive 661 wrist guards, they were junk, they didn’t cover the hand much and he destroyed them in a single fall on some scree, also resulting in several nasty cuts to his hands. I can’t be bothered to resize the photo to show it here but you get the idea. Just goes to show that 661 aren’t infallible as a brand, shame cos the 4x4, 2x4 and mullet are great.

In winter and colder weather, the KH are great. In summer, my 10yo roller blade guards with hard plastic inserts are fine.

Regardless, wrists are usually the first point of call…so to speak!

when you guys say that the gloves are confortable on the winters, but how cold does your winters get ?


Not much less than zero on a frosty morning.

as long as your winters don’t get above 90 degrees, they should be fine.