what giraffe should I get?

I am wanting to get my first giraffe and I am tinking about geting a torker tx 5foot. Is that the right unicycle to get?

Unless you want some super high end giraffe, or a multi wheeled one i suggest the torker unistar TX . Its the same one i got, and in the one and a half years ive had it, it has broken once (some disk in the wheel that has to do with the chain). My local bike shop fixed it real quick for only 15$. Other than that its been super dependable, and its the best priced on UDC.


You should get the TX. Unless you plan to travel alot with your giraffe you

might want the nimbus which is disassemblable. Wait, " disassemblable", is

that a word? :thinking: oh well, the point is get the TX because it is good,

sturdy, and fairly cheap. Hope this helps, if not may vultures eat your liver.

kidding… don’t sue.