What gear is truly important to a good ride?

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A thought occurred today. Apart from all the usual, common sense gear (helmet, shin pads, wrist guards, etc.), is there any specific type of shoes that makes riding better/easier? I just thought of it now, as it is I’ve just been using my regular pair of shoes. To be more general, any other gear that you’d recommend?

Curious as to what everyone’s opinion is. What do you use apart from the usual safety equipment?


I just use a pair of 661 non wrist protecting. Things that protect my wrists imobilize some things, although it a good idea. Helmt, and shin/knee gaurds are a must when doing some things. Also, wear thicker souled shoes. If your doing heavier trials, use thick souled shoes in my opinion, since there are really weak bones in your feet. Anything else is just preference, like 661 ankle biters, or elbow gaurds.

What gear is truly important to a good ride?

A unicycle and a rider.

I’m admittedly a gear head. I’m fussy about equipment. But when it gets down to what is really important it is a unicycle suitable for the task and a desire to ride it.

What kind of ride?

Technical MUni?
Cross Country?
Distance Coker/29er?

a lot of people may say helmet but i only wear them when i MUni

Anything really. So far it all seems pretty standard though. Guess I do have all the info I need :smiley:

if you ride good distances (60+ mile days for a few days) you’ll find that one ankle hurts more than the other depending on how short your cranks are. This is because you have a dominant braking leg you use to hold back the wheel on downhills and when you stop normally. Ace makes an ankle brace with side stabilizers that will help you if you want to brace it without wearing thick pads such as 661s that cover your entire lower leg. They’re between $8 and $12 each and can be worn with normal socks and shoes. They saved my butt on RAGBRAI.

If you are doing big street or hardcore downhill Muni then I would recomend some shoes with some mad hard soles, otherwise just wear what is comfy.

Where abouts do you do your riding these days? I have a random day off tomorrow and I really really wanna ride, but outside is rather ugly…

It doesn’t matter where you go or what kind of ride you go on. Just take JC with you and you’ll have ALL the gear you will need.

JC…don’t leave home without him.

I do notice that…The pain kind of moves from your knees to your ankles with short cranks. I might try out one of those ankle braces.

I don’t think anyone has really answered the shoe question though. In general you want something that will grip your pedals and have no laces or have a mechanism for tucking in the laces so they won’t come out. I am actually curious to see the various types of shoes people use for long distance as well. I use XC running shoes that have hard soles but grip alright with the snafus and have a gortex outer lining so they stay kind of warm in the cold. I will probably get a pair of shoes that has wind up laces for the summer time (I saw a few at REI). Laces are your enemy when you unicycle!


UPDing while cruising 17mph down a hill on a coker because of a lace wrapped around your pedal sucks. Tie the laces, even better tuck them in.

I need a shoe w/ a stiff sole, which is hard to find at inexpensive price. New Balance’s are usually fairly stiff. Right now my favorite shoes for Muni are these that I got on sale at Big 5 for $40.

For just riding around two pairs of cyling shorts w/ Chamois ButtR, a helmet and usually wrist and ankle guards.

For Muni that plus knee/shin and elbow/forarm guards, and 661 bomber shorts w/ extra padding (I have very little natural padding). Pretty much the only thing I don’t wear is a full downhill jacket (considering getting one) and a full face helmet.

Wrist guards makes SIF a bit harder, esp on my older style KH seat.

I’ve never had an issue w/ shoe laces wraping around the cranks, but mine are rather short, and I just make sure they are tied well. One time they came partly undone and I could imagine them wraping around the crank.

Peanut butter. You never know when someone’s going to throw a piece of bread at you. With peanut butter, you’re ready. You’ve got yourself a sandwich.

This is all preferance. Try stuff, and see what works best for you.
I personally like low ankle support (converse style) flat bottom shoes for trials. I feel too restricted in hiking boots style shoes.
A helmet is not always a must, but I still use it 95% of the time.
I always wear my harbingers. I have broken/sprained my wrists too many times.

i only were a helmet, but ive found that your will get pretty up if you dont were shin gaurds… I were sk8 shoes but i tighten them cuz they are comfy!!!



These are great for biking actually but I wouldn’t suggest unicycling with them.

Q: What gear is truly important to a good ride?

A: 1.5:1! :smiley:

they are, i bought some decent trainers especialy for unicycling in, i think theyre animal ones, the lace got caught in the peadle and started winding up intill it was so tight it snapped out of my shoe. i wasnt happy.
all i have whan i go unicycling is

  1. a unicycle- its quite usefull to have
  2. 661 shin gaurds
  3. gloves to protect my palms from upd’s
  4. a bag with a bottle of water or two in
  5. comfortable shoes

bare minimum

At bare minimum you NEED a helmet. You’re own riding ability doesn’t matter here, you never know what some dumb@ss driver or pedestrian might do. I had kids throw rocks once and someone intentionally swerved toward me trying to scare me (I’m guessing he was hoping to see me fall). The point is no matter how good a rider you are, others can cause you to fall. It only takes one head injury to ruin you for life so protect you head always.

After a helmet, shin guards are a great piece of gear to have. Pedals can be your worst enemy if you slip, especially if you have pins. I can’t tell you the number of times mine have saved me some pain. If you can get shin guards with built in knee pads, those are even better.

Lastly, gloves are nice. I almost never wear gloves, but I can think of a few instances where I could have used them.

If riding several miles or more, a water bottle (or fancy hydration pack) can be a great help too.

That’s my recommendation.