What freestyle unicycle? - UK

Hi all!

 I'd like to have your freestyle opinion. I want to enjoy more ww and gliding than today on my KH street. And maybe one day enjoy coasting. I think a square frame will be much apreciated.

 I saw this new Nimbus X on different website? Is it good? What other serious option should I consider? He looks to me than with KH moment in 110mm this uni became really attractive.

 I'm based in UK, so my choice also depend on dealer's. But I can also arrange things with France.


nimbus X is nice, but custom is the way to go really :wink:

If you want somethign cheap the quax profi gives you isis cranks for unbeliavably cheap. Check out the german site municycle.com as well as unicycle.co.uk for more choice. Postaeg from germany for a full uni is about the same as from the uk.

Yup, custom all the way :slight_smile: However, the stock Nimbus X isn’t bad if you haven’t done freestyle before and don’t know exactly what you want in a freestyle uni.

I’m currently trying to find some Miyata parts, and I also have set up a small foundry to make some of my own.

Who’s tom and whats with the sudden french?

I hate french…

Toms the dude that started the thread…
and both there first languages are french i think.

I just did this for the benefit of people who don’t speak English as a first language. It’s hard enough for ME to read this kind of thing.


Hey, hey now…

I’m currently trying to learn 3 different languages.

For one of them I’m learning a whole new system of writing.

I speak Spanish in an Indian accent for some reason :roll_eyes: , especially when I’m reading it out loud.


y’en a qui devrait sortire le truc qu’ils on dans leur cul…

Moi aussi il me font chier cette bande d’anglais qui save meme pas dire un mot en francais. Trop con.

I’m sure that if I put my mind to it, I could learn more french thanks to this forum than the bloody lessons at school.

How do you get a custom unicycle in the USA?

You build it yourself, or hire someone to put together the parts that you want.

I wish we could do that in the UK too <sigh>


What’s stopping you?

I did that with my trials uni and my quax profi…

Miyata is hot!


I almost got a 24" flamingo just for variety (my current freestyle is a 20"), but I think it has sold now, and I would have had to drive for three hours to pick it up :roll_eyes: