What frame is this?

What frame does Ryan Atkins and Jeff Groves use in the film Spaced Out? Does anyone have some close up pics of it?

This one.


That one is an old costum aluminium frame.
Ryan had one, and so did Jeff.
I don’t know if these frames are still alive, more details should be asked via PM to Ryan.

Ryan broke one, had another one made i’m pretty sure, and Jeff still has his. But doesn’t ride it, rides a KH frame now.

They were proto frames made by SEMPER_UNI.
info about Ryan and Jeff testing them

Thanks, just what I was looking for.

Those look quite nice!


Any new on Ryan, I haven’t seen/heard ANYTHING on him in a while, and I miss his riding, where’d he go? :thinking:

He quit uni:(

Kris explains it best.

lolz at the picture detail ><

man that sucks, thanks for posting that though, I must have missed that in the few months I was hardly ever on here