what frame fits a 07 dx 24 wheel

I may upgrade my frame what would fit?

any frame that says it will fit a trials wheel

KH, nimbus II, impact, K1 and many more

what one is the best bang for the buck?

'07 KH from Bedford for $125. I think you will need to shim your bearings, but otherwise it should work.

agreed on that

then second choice if you dont want to go over 100 dollars is the Nimbus II frame from unicycle.com. Frame wont break on you and you wont need any shims for the bearings

i may get a nimbus and a kh fusion seat

street or freeride?

i got the freeride seat and its so cushiony and soft i just love it!



:Dits just as soft as that teddy bear!

I have a Nimbus frame with shims on my Torker DX wheel, it’s way better than the Torker frame! My frame was cracking, and there’s no sign of anything except scraches on my Nimbus frame.