what fits this rim and tyre?

i was wondering wat frame fits the large marge rim and 4.0 tyre?

It might have to be a custom frame.

I rode that thing at moab,its a beast.

thats what i thought, that stinkx

That tire was a monster.SUPER Bouncy.You could hardly turn on it though.

It turns fine on dirt, the looser the better. Yes, on the pavement of the Slickrock parking lot, it really, really wants to go straight. But I rode the first section of the trail, which is sand with large gravel, and it was almost like there was nothing there. Then I rode it through super-fine sand, back and forth, and with no hand on the seat. Piece of cake!

The only problem with that super tire is that it will make all but the most gnarly trails too easy to ride. You’ll have to go back to your older, skinnier tires to bring back the challenge!

how high could you hop on that thing??

How high?

Well, after a few bounces I got scared looking down and had to back off a little.