What fits and what doesn't.

I see all kinds of custom built unis here. I’m curious to know how to tell what wheels fit what frames.

I know there are a few unis with extremely wide tires (4" or so). I’m not worried about those.

I’m wondering if you can take a wheelset from a nimbus or a torker uni and put it in a koxx-one frame and vice-versa?

Are the forks of a uni frame standard sizes or does every manufacturer have it’s own sizes it goes by?

Like I said before, it’s curiosity. I’m not planning to build a uni… at least not until I taco the rim on mine, which hopefully never happens.


right to start with, a hk moment hub/cranks fit into a koxx 1 devil frame no sweat.

thats all i can tell you

There are four things you’ve got to consider:

  1. tire clearance (width)
  2. wheel height vs. frame height (i.e. a 24 frame won’t fit a 29 wheel, duh)
  3. wheelset bearing size - I don’t know much about this. All of my unicycles just happen to use the same size bearings as far as I know.
  4. seatpost diameter - there are lots of different diameters, but a seatpost is cheaper to replace than a wheelset

I think there are only two sizes of bearings that are used on unicycles, and if you have the smaller one going into a larger frame, you can buy/make shims to get them to fit.

Tire height and width are usually not an issue for most frames. Cheap frames or freestyle type frames, designed to have less wheel clearance to make certain tricks easier, generally won’t fit a fat DH tire.

hope this helps!

just find out the OD of the bearing and then find out if the frame takes that size bearings, because its mostly the bearing that don’t allow frame swapping.