What ever Happened to Dirt Uni?


Does anyone know what happened to “Dirt Uni - Unicycles that shred.” ?

I have not been able to get into thier website for about half a year now.

Does anyone own a Dirt Uni? How are they?


Never even heard of them until now.

But from just a few seconds on google I found a costum made TI uni from Dirt Uni.

There site seems ok at first, but clicking any link would take me to search results.

wonder who made that uni i’m guessing its titanium, someone was going on about titanium frames a while ago.

I belive Dirt Uni was/ is Based in Bend, Oregon and I don’t know what happend to their site I’ll have to try and find out…

EDIT: here is the contact information for Dirt Uni that I got from UDC,

Dirt Uni
Contact: Eugene Cathcart
1940 Southwest Forest Ridge Avenue
Bend, OR 97702
541-350-3196 phone
541-382-2444 fax

If you don’t recognize that layout immediately as one of the MILLION fake stolen domains that are popping up everywhere, you must not do much googling. :slight_smile:

[british accent] “What are you doing”
[another british accent] “I’m guessing”
[first accent again] “What are you guessing?”
[second british accent] "I’m guessing that the strange sybol Ti has something to do with titanium.

Dirtuni.com was actually their Url I know because I’ve been there and on several occasions thought about buying a Custom Dirt Uni, but now I guess they couldn’t afford the domain name anymore, and gave up the website…

Lol, I knew it was fake, but at first it seemed ok, then once I looked at it, it was obvious.

Yeah, it was SLIGHTLY more real looking than most of them. I think that those sites may have worked a couple years ago when web site pirating started, but pretty soon, EVERYONE is going to know what they are, and they’re just going to close them as soon as they open…

the fate of Dirt Uni

I don’t think the dirtuni.com site is fake…more like a “parked” domain. Eugene Cathcart (the founder and builder of Dirt Uni) probably let his domain name expire. His production was closely tied to that of Vulture Cycles and his production tapered off a couple of years ago while he has pursued other endeavors in Oakridge?, Oregon…another up and coming bikemecca. Eugene made totally sick uni’s and could freakin’ wall-ride forever!

Gosh chaps! These blasted yanks have got us there! We are in a bit of a jolly old pickle.

Tally ho!

Yes, looks like the previous owners of dirtuni.com let their registration lapse. What you see now is a placeholder-type site, which may belong to the company that was hosting their domain when their site was active. Though I didn’t notice anything about the domain being for sale, so maybe it is parked, by someone who plans to maybe do something with it later. That was the case of unicycle.com, before John Drummond bought it for several thousand dollars! Before that they were unicyclesource.com.

Owner of Dirt Uni

I’m the proud owner of a Dirt Uni. Eugene, the builder, is off doing other stuff now - but his legacy lives on. The dirt uni is bomb proof. Profile Hub and cranks, Ringle’ pedals, hell for stout frame and a big ole 3" downhill knob. It’s a little heavy, but I don’t worry about breaking it.

It’s a great uni, in my opinion.
Happy uni riding

Great to hear!

That is really interesting! I started this thread after someone made fun of Eugene in an article where they described him as one of the pioneers of MUni. They did not hear of him but I immediately recognized the Dirt Uni but then could not get into his site. I wanted to get a Dirt Uni when I started riding but then found someone with and ONZA 24 here in Israel for half the price. I now have three Kris Holms as well. $900 is a little to steep to pay for a Uni now adays.

How is the crown? I love the design. If a part breaks you don’t have to replace the whole frame! I bet you “shred” with that Dirt Uni if you are as good a rider as the Dirt Uni is itself!