what event is this (uk)??

i was stopped by a woman in my local shop today when she recognised me from my unicycling :smiley: and she told me about a unicycling and circus show near wales in august. apparently it is a week long and you can camp there, it sounds pretty good to me but i dont know what it is called, can any one help me out here?

I tried googling it but to no succes at all really

could be teh bristol juggling convention, but thats in Sept, near Wales tho, just across teh bridge.

How about Bungay Balls Up?

i dont know, my mum now says the woman told her it was near wells, so im not sure. who kows, if i see her again ill ask properly lol

But that’s in May and a l-o-o-o-n-g way from Wales.

Bristol Juggling convention would be my guess, though as Sarah pointed out that’s in September. There’s nothing else that seems likely on the calendar at http://www.jugglingdb.com/events/index.php?country=222

The OP now seems confused over whether it’s near Wales or near Wells. Bristol’s between the two, anyway.

Seriously Scott, is that your attempt at typing ‘‘Wales’’?!

You’re not well mate.