What else besides unicycling do you do?

I know, I know, unicycling IS the best sport in the world.:slight_smile: I was just curious what else everybody did when you werent on your unicycles?

I like biking too.

I fly radio control aircraft, ride my motorcycle, play piano, go to the movies (not very lately due to the lack of anything worth seeing) and perform comedy onstage now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:

These forums. =P

I also like to game it up, hang out with friends, listen to music, and work on the weekends. Typical teenage stuff.

Unicycling pretty much takes up all my weekday daylight hours that aren’t already spent at school.


He asked what other things you spend your time with besides unicycling…

I like to Mt. Bike with friends a couple of times a week. I have to ride a bike sometimes, because none of my friends Uni! :sunglasses:
I also like to hike, racewalk and play a little blues harmonica! :sunglasses:

What did “=p” mean?

snowboarding, wakeboarding, biking (mainly flatland) hacky-sacking, football, basketball, rock climbing, paintball, lots of stuff lol


its a smiley… accept the smileys toungue is out

:stuck_out_tongue: see?

Kayaking. It covers the only area that unicycling doesn’t rock: Water.

im buying an accordion

i ride skateboards any other time i’m not riding my uni.
I’ve got two longboards, a homemade mini, a shortboard, and a crappy hotwheels board that was the first board i ever got.

i also play drums. i have been playing for 7 years.

I juggle, and solve Rubiks Cubes.

I play on the computer… eat…sleep…watch tv… go with the dog for a walk… go away with friends… whatever it just all depends on the weather and the time! :sunglasses:

Piano and Networking computers

i break shit

Read comics and eat orphins…
that’s about it