what does this do?

I was wondering, what exactly does this do?

In theory, it reduces frame flex when braking, providing smoother and more efficient braking.

does it actually work?

Yes, why shouldn’t it?

When you apply the brakes (hydraulic), they squeeze the rim. At the same time, they push outward on the fork legs. The reinforcement plate reduces the stress and/or flex on your frame. If any of that was present, it will also give you more consistent and accurate braking.

ok thanks.

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The issue is whether its effect is enough that you’ll notice. For a stiffer smaller frame like an aluminum KH, you probably wouldn’t notice nearly as much as for a stock Coker frame. Also, the less you weigh, the less your unicycle will flex in general.

IOW, I wouldn’t bother with it unless or until I felt that the stock braking wasn’t good enough.

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Wow. I’ve never seen a brake brace used on a uni before. I’ve seen quite a few used on mountain bike forks, the main problem being that on a MTB the suspension forks are made from lots of different parts, hence the movement and flex. “The less moving parts there are, the less things can go wrong,” as my LBS mate always tells me.
You need to mash your brake levers at a hell of a pressure to get any flex in rigid forks.


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The brake booster also allows Magura brakes to be mounted on V-brake posts. While proper Mag mounts use two bolts, the V brake only has one locating post on each side, so something is needed to stop the brake rotating around this post instead of pressing against the rim. This doesnt appear to be the case in that photo, but a lot of bikers use those to upgrade from V brakes to magura rim brakes without having to alter the mounts on the frame.

actually, with the magura evolution mounts you can mount to a v brake frame the booster isn’t necessary, but it does stiffen up the feel. Boosters make a huge difference in how spongy the brakes feel on a bike, by taking out most if not all frame flex. I don’t think you squeeze the lever hard enough or need on/off wheel locking on a uni to need it.

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