What does rain do to your unicycle?

If you are riding your unicycle in the rain or if you soak it with water, is it bad for it and will it ruin the bearings inside of it? :thinking:
But if you ruin the bearings, how can you fix it?

Rain cleans it :wink:

I’ve ridden my uni into the ocean before, it probably wasn’t too good for the bearings but it’s fine.

You live in the desert, what do you care? Rain makes your unicycle wet. Hosing it down probably does very little to it. Submerging it will eventually get water in the bearings.

It depends–Is your frame made of lightly oiled sodium?

I really don’t know what the frame is made of

Riding in the rain should not hurt it so long as it dries afterwards.

Bearings can be replaced.

My favorite!


Chances are, it’s not lightly oiled sodium.

Even though that would be the sickest frame ever.

(Sodium in contact with water releases hydrogen which then catches fire from the heat of the reaction.)

The oil keeps it from oxidizing, so it stays nice and shiny!(and reactive, ready to make some sodium oxide through displacement instead)

It’s a bit more explosion-like though.

Fresh water isn’t that bad, but salt water might make it rust(depending on the material).

If it gets wet, just bring it inside (or in the garage) and let it dry.

Salt water will accelerate rust. If it got wet w/ salt water, I’ve heard it’s good to soak it in water a few minutes then let it dry. Do not hose it off.

Rain is good. It washes the fish off before they can dissolve the chrome.