What do you wear when it starts getting cold?

Yesterday it was 25 degrees out. The last thing I wanted to do was go out and unicycle, but at the same time, it was the only thing I wanted to do. I’m sure you can relate!

When it gets cold, how do you guys suit up? I had sweatpants, windbreaker pants, a sweatshirt and gloves on. That was about 45 minutes of trials and SIF practice (both generate more heat than regular riding). Do you guys layer? Heavy jackets for commuting? What?

25? That’s the perfect weather for me. I love it cuz you don’t overheat :slight_smile:

I usually wear a hoodie if it’s below 20. Sometimes if its snowing out i’ll bust out a hat, but generally I just wear my normal garb. I don’t commute on my uni, but if i were to do that I might wear a little more. Usually I wear as little as possible so I don’t constrict my movement.

If you’re not used to cold then I’d wear more, but I generally go by “less is more” because to me, not being able to move is alot worse than a little cold

Right on the dot dude.

Well, my fingers freeze up if its like 30 or so, so i bust out a pair of tight undergloves (the elasticy sorta knitted gloves things, that are skin tight), and i put those under my 661 Nasty Gloves.

It wasn’t so much the cold as the wind. It was blowing hard and it just creeps in everywhere.

Try to avoid cotton (like some sweatpants / shirts, most t-shirts) as it doesn’t keep you warm when it gets wet / sweaty. It’s a bad idea, to allow yourself to get sweaty in any fabric in cold weather, as it causes your body to lose heat even faster.

My favorite pants for riding in cold weather are my Cannondales… they’re like wearing a fleece blanket around my legs. These pants breathe well enough that I don’t get sweaty while riding, but they don’t let enough wind in to freeze my n*ts off.

On top I’ll wear a short sleeve jersey with arm warmers (also fleece) and throw a windbreaker on top. The key is having a couple thin layers so you can take one off and put it in your pack if you need to.

If you haven’t tried fleeced arm or leg warmers, and you’ve been cold while riding, you need to get a pair now. Seriously.

Right now it’s a good temperature for uniing cause its anywhere from 34-65 degrees fahrenheit. My problem is when it gets to hot for uncycling and I become a sweaty beast.

When it drops below 20 I wear jeans rather than shorts. When it gets down around 15 I will put on a light sweatshirt or a long-sleeve tee-shirt. If it gets much colder (10) I just put aside the unicycle until it warms up.

Of course, this is California and these temperatures are Celsius. :smiley:

Long nylon pants, short sleeve shirt, fleece pullover, windbreaker jacket, gloves and helmet. I really don’t get cold.

I wear pretty bad clothing for cold weather, but it gets the job done for the most part.

Usually I wear a t shirt, hoody and jacket, then normal pants, and the usual gloves and pads to keep me warm.

I have been trained in preparing for outdoors in the cold though and generally you want to do is wear something light and wicking as a baselayer. Long Johns, and long sleeve undershirts are generally good. You can play around a bit in terms of weights of baselayers and depending on how cold it is, you may not even need a mid layer. Then a good soft shell is probably going to be all you need for most of the winter. If you find it is really cold, then a good fleece in the middle will do the trick. Unfortunately that is like a 400 dollar layering system.

I go back to my old MTB stuff. I used to ride to -30C and with windchill much colder than that - not so much interested in that now. Sunny, light wind, 0F is ok though.

Use layers!! Have a back up plan if you XC. Take a phone. Cotton - not so good! If you going any distance away from a warm place, or risk having to walk out, you will get really cold.

Any kind of ski/snowboard gear will probably work ok.

Bottom 1/2 - Cycle shorts, and today at ~10F just a pair of lycra pants with fronts that have a windproof Goretex front. My 661 4x4’s.

Thicker socks, but not too tight, and I use a really super thin pair, then a medium weight wool pair.

When I used to MTB cycle with pedal cleats in cold weather, ie colder the -20C or ~-10F, I would have a pair of neoprene overboots, and if really cold I would use packing tape and tape the crushable type handwarmer packs on my cycling shoes inside the overboots (the cold still came through the cleats and the cut-outs in the bottom of the overboots though).

For “cooler” weather, I would use a thin pair of fleece running tights/pants under the lycra/goretex front pants.

Upper body - UnderArmour type under shirt, or similar, then a thin wool or fleece, with a windbreak type jacket (goretex) that isn’t too baggy so that if I grab my seat, the jacket doesn’t interfere.

Hands, right now the Bad Ass gloves are fine, but later maybe I’ll wear wrist guards with a gauntlet pair of snowboard/ski gloves (goretex with liners).

I wear lyra/fleece headband, for my ears, under my helmet. If I think I might lose a lot of head from my head, I use a “skull cap” similiar to one under a football type helmet (ie UnderArmour brand or M.E.C brand, super thin hat)

I noticed that the soles of my 5.10’s were pretty hard today, and kind of slick. I’m not sure how that is going to work out for colder weather.

There is a lot of new soft shell material available. Kind of expensive though.

Check out www.mec.ca

I work for MEC :p. I really wish I could get a fusion or coalition jacket. Best soft shells out there right now.

how cold are we talking? I just wear whatever I happen to be wearing that day unless I am going for a seriously long ride. Once it is around -25 or colder I like to wear ski goggles to keep my eyes from freezing in the wind (road rides and commuting)

I am a big fan of wool. Wool is Warm, Cotton Kills and Fleece is nice and fuzzy :stuck_out_tongue:

what kinda gloves to you guys use cause the kh wrist ones just don’t keep me warm and they mess up my riding cause of the leather seating i dono…

Yeah… your definition of cold on this one will make a big difference on how you dress. I like a pair of wrap around ear muffs with my helmet and then a decently warm hoodie or two. That’s if it’s just cool… as in above -10. (celcius)

You can block off some of the vents in your helmet, that helps cut the wind chill a bit.

When it’s cold, I have one of those Pearl Izumi headbands (lots of others make them, too) to put on before my helmet. If it’s really windy too, I’ll also put a bandana on under the helmet.
I will also cast another vote for the removable arm warmers. I have an old pair by Castelli that are super warm… they’re made out of some combo of fleece and lycra.
The only thing that I’m missing right now are knee warmers. I don;t know about anyone else, but my knees are affected by the cold more than anything else.

I put on some mitts over the KH gloves. I use leather gauntlet mitts with removable wool lining.

sort of like this but with no tassels.

If it isn’t that cold and you still want to use individual fingers you could also throw on a pair of work gloves that are a size too big over your KH gloves.

lol 25°C is hot !!! :roll_eyes:
now it is like 4°C over here…
just wear a sweater :smiley:
mostly I start with a sweater, but after like 10 minutes I take my sweater off :slight_smile:

Generally it’s:
t-shirt down to freezing(hooded sweatshirt if I’m not warmed up),
t-shirt, hat and gloves down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit(again, hoodie if I’m not warmed up),
hoodie down to 0(might take it off if I’m really working hard, might have a flanel shirt or something similar on underneath), commence thicker socks :roll_eyes:
fleece coat and insulated pants down to -20(yes, and hat and gloves),
all of the above with ski goggles, something to breathe through and good boots down to -40,
below -40 is pretty rare and I haven’t unicycled in it, but I have run outside for a minute to marvel at the effects of -60 degree weather:p

I’ve run in the snow without any shoes on down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but in hindsight that was rather stupid(and some other clothing might have been wise as well)
And obviously I add/remove layers as I overheat or get cold,

I just got a pair of Novara Cold Front gloves, and they rock. If anything, they’re too warm for most applications. I went for a ride today to test out various cold weather gear combinations in preparation for the Chilly Hilly ride in February. The temp was 33 degrees F (just a nick above freezing for you Celcius fans), and this was the first ride with the gloves where the temperature was cold enough that my hands didn’t cook. They stayed toasty, but didn’t overheat.

Here’s the rest of my cold/wet weather set-up, from bottom up:

-ski socks and my Merrill insulated hiking boots

-chamois riding shorts first, then my Eddie Bauer poly long-john bottoms, then my REI rain pants

-REI long sleeve underwear top, with REI fleece top over that. Novara convertible windbreaker on top of that. The sleeves zip off if it gets warmer, and I’ll pack a rain top in case it starts raining or snowing.

-The aforementioned Cold Front gloves

–On top, my Descente ski helmet liner to keep in my head heat

That was today’s setup, 33 degrees and light rain which turned to snow halfway through. Worked great, I was warm the full ride, without getting too sweaty or overheating. When my core started feeling too warm, I just unzipped the windbreaker and cooled off. For the second half of the ride, I took off the helmet liner, which seemed to equalize my core temp. From there, I never got too warm to the point of having to unzip the windbreaker. But my ears got cold, so I may need to figure out a different head covering strategy.

The only thing I didn’t like about the setup was riding with my hiking boots. I’m used to riding with my Van’s sneakers, but those aren’t warm or waterproof, and my Merrills are both. But they add weight, and I was definitely noticing that on the hills. Originally wanted to wear my snow clogs, but couldn’t find them in my mess of a garage.

Still two months before the Chilly, so more research to come…