What do you want in a unicycle / extreame sports video?

I am making a unicycle/ slackline and fire documentary for my final project of my course. I would like to know what you want in a video. what kind of pace do you like a video to be? do you like special effects in a video? what is about extreme sports is it that appeal to you? Why do you watch extreme sports videos? Ect


If it’s more to a mainstream audience IMO more effort should be made to show Uni as a serious sport. It could be any style, (Muni, trials, and street are my fav’s).

I’ve seen great vids w/ all different kinds of pacing. You need to pick one that matches the feel of the riding and pick a song to match. I generally preffer it when ambient noises are left in.
One of my all time fav’s Zen Junkie

Little to no effects.

Great riding is not nessesary to make a really good vid.
For a long time this was one of my favorite vids. At the time, Max was good, but still not great.

I want tricks that I´ve never seen before, but more than that I want clean tricks in good looking backgrounds. They have to be extreme to some extent to make an extreme sports vid ^^
A bit of O-Tones is also nice so that the protagonist is not exchangeable but there is a personal note to the video. After all, I think a lot about extreme sports is about the people that do it (best example would be surfing). It would be awful generalising about the character of all unicyclists (circus-clown argument) but I think in some weird way there is a connective element or spirit that unites all of us, wether it is the affection to control and balance, the need to show off and get attention or just to meet people and constitute a scene.
Lately I think it has become more and more important that you have good gear (HD Resolution, moving camera etc.) for the filming aspect. This makes videos a lot more enjoyable.

I fixed the link for you

When i’m watching a video for the riding i don’t like fancy camera work or editing i just want to see riding and the bigger the better.

hm. I have a slightly different view. It´s like with food. It might be all ending up mixed up in your stomach, but it is more pleasant to eat if it is nicely arranged and thoughtfully decorated after all. (this sounds… strange. ^^)

Especially with the ongoing extreme-isation of the sport (unispins and flips) I often find a slo mo or a good angle for the shot as inevitable to even comprehend what is going on, even for someone who actually knows what a unispin looks like. If the video equals the statment “this sport is extreme and beautiful at the same time, and I´d like to show you why”, everything that helps a wider audience to recognize and acknowledge the extremeness, makes the vid better. if the purpose of the vid equals the statement “i landed a 1260 fulloutvarialbacksidetorpedohalfmoonkickassflip and here is proof” none of this is needed.

Yeah… Theres such a big difference in videos like this. I like videos like this sometimes too, like I love watching raw clips of competitions… But I think thats looking at things from a competition side of things, looking at everything with official eyes, sizing up your competition. And I’d say that audience is probably smaller then the audience that is looking for good editing and filming.

Good subtle editing will always be better then no editing in my books. Editing done properly… If you’re no good at editing I’d say don’t edit at all. Keep clips how they are and just arrange your clips to the music. Or hey, edit and get better at it.

Yeah if a video is just to show your latest tricks, I don’t care about editing. And no one should haha. Hate peoples comments on videos: your editing was boring. When you can clearly see the video wasn’t made for that.

There’s a couple things that make a video rewatchable for me:

  1. Good riding.
  2. If the riding isn’t good, at least try to make it clean.
  3. Catchy music. A lot of songs can work, just try to pick something that fits your clips. Screamo/hardcore music won’t work 99/100 times.
  4. Either use a tripod, or someone with steady hands. There is really no excuse for ridiculously shaky footage, worst case just set your camera on something.
  5. If you can’t edit, don’t. Like Chris said just put the clips together, don’t try and use all those color changing things on WMM and the really cheesy effects.

Best of Shaun Johanneson and GLOC (koxx-one team) edited by Yoggi are two of my favorite videos, music fits perfectly I think.

That being said, in most case it’s horrible… just like with dubstep [or others…]. When you use intense music, make sure it fits well with that you’ve got going on on your timeline. Intense music will bother a lot of people.

Yeah I agree, those two videos are rare examples.

Shaun’s was probably as good as it’s going to get, his style works with the music and he was mostly riding fast. I would say that that video is the 1/100 that’s alright with heavy music.

In the second one the music fit really well, but only because during all the fast parts in the song they just edited together bails and flashing pictures of bloody faces :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys

This has been helpful, however I have been doing a full time film Corse for almost 2 years now and I am confident with special effects and editing affects. Also I understand some of you just want to see the riding but as it is for a collage project and I am graded on how well it is shot, I am going to be using a cannon 60D to shoot it. I was thinking of using light stencilling for my titles to a get a similar affect to this: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=light+stenciling&um=1&hl=en&safe=active&sa=N&rls=com.microsoft:en-gb:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7GGLJ_en&biw=1920&bih=959&tbm=isch&tbnid=tfxdKj7CQuWV8M:&imgrefurl=http://flickr.com/groups/lightjunkies/discuss/72157605605898202/&docid=9LGIH8jK-ShMTM&imgurl=http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4002/4348250604_56d9bb8c2c.jpg&w=500&h=332&ei=2HtxT6vfM8fT0QXegeUV&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=746&vpy=635&dur=844&hovh=183&hovw=276&tx=195&ty=92&sig=116900958954028396060&page=1&tbnh=138&tbnw=181&start=0&ndsp=47&ved=1t:429,r:21,s:0
Do you think this would be affective?
You said about music but generally what genre to you think go well with extreme sports videos?

Genres of music in extreme sports videos seem to change from time to time… I’d say right now what’s popular is hip/hop and rap. A good catchy beat should do it.

I like a good edit with matching music and big riding :). Can’t understand why people say that you shouldn’t edit if you’re not good at it :P. The only way to learn it, is to try it out :)!

Just to add to the “videos with good(heavy) music”:

Krisz Shred

Muzzles wellington visit

I always try to edit my videos to something heavy, never ever turns out good haha… Need good filming or one style of fast paced riding through out the entire video.

I wouldn’t try tell you what genre of music to use before seeing your video footage… But I would say go with any alternative rock or low key hiphop/r&b… pretty safe.

Hot girls, partying, bails

My most favorite video of all time. Great music, made it himself.

I like music without words, it helps you focus more on the riding instead of what the singer is singing (at least for me anyways :roll_eyes: )
High quality video does make a world of difference. Unique riding is always good.

Psychedelic unicycling

I totally agree that the focus should be in the riding…but when you’re making a video for the purpose of 1) testing out new GoPro angles, 2) trying to advertise a 7 foot unicycle to sell, and 3) improve your video effects editing skills, you kind of get something like this (my latest video):