What Do You Want In A Trials Frame

Im building one so like the title said. What do you want in a trials frame?

You’re building a trials unicycle or building a trials frame?

read the title…

Lightweight and strong obviously, preferably a flat area on the crown to put your foot, so that your foot isn’t too high above the tire and there is still enough space between the crown and the tire that stuff won’t get stuck in there.

Enough length in the neck so that seat post can be moved up and down enough for general usage but not so long that it adds to much weight (some people would prefer it long though).

Machined bearing holders are nice but not necesary.

I guess i should be more specific. What do you think current frames lacking. how could they be improved

Yes, I read it. He did not specify whether he was building a trials unicycle. Or if he was building a trials unicycle frame.

im just building a frame. that will hopefully be produced on a small scale some day. that is why i am asking for your input

So, you are going to machine it? Or, weld tubing together? Or do you just mean design [for now].

PS: Im sorry if I sound like im smart mouthing. Im not, im just curious.

are we talking 4130 or 7005? Are you going for cheap and strong, or strong and light?

not realy shore about aney thing right now thats why im looking for input.
would you like to see alu or cormo?
cnc bits or just tube
let me know

I personally like 7005 aluminum for trials frames, also, if you use tubing, try to make it a semi-angular crown rather than just flat like most. If you use the semi-angular crown it will be more durable and should be more resistant to twisting forces and the like.

So for me:
7005 Aluminum
Semi-Angular crown
Machined Bearing holders

It’s hard-impossible to beat KH alum

Price wise. Made to high spec in Taiwan, really light. I’m a crap rider, so I have no opinion on ridability design. That leaves the niche market, and the rich market.
In niche, a KH-Koxx like frame, just made with heavier tubing. Could be all the rage in Samoa (heavy people country).
For the rich product, it seems like carbon graphite is the way to go. I bet we will see it eventually. Not hard to do. Just a lot of money to save not much weight over a KH-Koxx.
It is fun for the home alum craftsman to mess around. There was some pictures of a really fine machine work custom posted not to long ago. So there is the art-custom angle.
I have my doubts that it is possible to make a better functional uni from alum then the Koxx-KH type. There just isn’t much to be done to improve the strength weight compromise of these . You almost can’t weld Ti at home. That leaves carbon. Or a mix of cut ti tubes glued to carbon joints. But I hope you do it !:slight_smile:

I think most trials frames lack two things, Long necks and round crowns. If we are talking pure trials then ALWAYS have a round crown, they are way nice. Tight tire clearance not for the sake of crown tricks or looking cool but it gets it as far away from your legs and shins as possible. If the united round crown frames were long necks that would be the best trials frame IMO.


I agree completely with Evan. I think you should make an aluminum long neck with a round crown. Should be fairly easy too, especially if you can get ahold of a mandrel tube bender (not so easy).

what do you wana see in a street frame

I will get the koxx XTP in black (if I have the cash for! lol)