What do you wanna see me try on tape ?

Well people, be strait up what do you want to see done on tape, please say something realistic that I could actually do keep in mind Im not a flip or spin master… so give me either a gap,grind,hoptwist or combination of those idea. thanks !

-unispin to grind, and do a 180spin+full rev out of it!

I would like to see you 360 into a grind, whilding, jump and do a full rev land back into the grind, and unispin out of it.

360 into maybe, spins out of anything no I said i sucked at spins dint I ?

I want to see a blunt grind on a handrail…

If you can find a nice split double set that has a rail on both parts it would be crazy to gap off the first set and hit the second rail, it would be hard finding a set and rail like that though.

Oops, I didnt see the spin part, jsut the flips, sorry.

The 360 into a grind would still be awesome to see.

a 369 spin to a bluntside grind

on a ledge grind…jump into it, start sliding, jump up, 180, land back on, back slide, 180 out.

Theres a move i thought up today that i’d love to be seen done

Start SIF hopping, then do a no footer, but at the same time bring your foot to do a wrap wrap (needs to be coming orund behind the seat) and land with SIB

So for a little while your whole body will be on one side of the unicycle with only your hand on the seat, its weird to explain lol


Umm maxxis, are you really good enough to 360 into a grind? CAuse holly crap I would love to see that

Does it have to be on a unicycle?

I’d like to see a 360 + no-footer or a 180 tyre grab-no footer.

The different blunt grinds and Evan’s ledge idea sound good.

I’d like to see someone ride along a rail and drop into a grind too!


I’d like to see you make some french fries.

Ask out girls on dates.


Jump a school bus. Lengthwise.

Tire grab 360!

What about a one footed tire grab with a really nice fold in your body, that would be awesome. Down a set of course, but I don’t care what size aslong as its done nicely.

Try backward grinding.

Fakie to grind down a ledge, then inward (towards the ledge) 180 off. I really would like to see that.


woa lotsa replys thanks to all! Im try most of them never said i’d land it…

Fast ledge slide, 3 out.

3ing into grinds is extremely difficult, since your wheel will hit the ledge on the 270. Notice how Dan and I only 270ed into stalls, both stalls were blind too. I’ve 3ed to drop stall before, but 3 to grind, or 3 blunt, would both be stuff you would see in like 3 years kinda tricks. Cleanly. Also the 180 from slide to backslide, it’s hard to do it in a stall let alone put it to motion. Maybe sliding, then stop, quickly bust it, then try to get yourself going again, but again to do it cleanly, well maybe that’s a next season trick. 1 year.

-Shaun Johanneson
p.s. It’s all about cleanness. Then later if the people watching have the knowledge of difficulty then it’s a bonus. But most people can’t tell how hard something is by looking at it. It’s best to make it look easy, since the people that don’t make it look easy are having the most trouble.