What do you think?

This is the uni I want to build and please give me tips and suggestions.
Nimbus round crown yellow frame
Hoppley wheel set
Green pedals
KH fusion freeride seat blue
powdercoated pink seat post
QU-AX 10 black cranks
Maxxis CC

I would get a nimbus or 07 KH wheelset instead
I would also get the KH street saddle

I do have a Nimbus wheel set, but I don’t want to spen money getting the KH. What is the advatage to the street verses the fusion

The fusion is meant for long distance, If you are getting a 20" I assume you will be doing trials or street… and the street saddle is better for those.

If you already have a nimbus wheel set use it, don’t go buying a new one.

to finish the explanation…
the street seat is much thinner than the freeride and better for any seat holding of any kind.

Thank you, I need a narrower seat due to leg chaffing.

Where in the World are you going to get a hoppeley wheel set?!?

I think this is a horrible product review, all you’re doing is asking questions. (Wrong forum!)

I think that is a horrible setup for a Muni.

How do you plan to powdercoat your seatpost and still have it fit in the frame? Are you going to have it machined first?

Furthermore, I’ve never heard the brand name “green” before, nor have I seen their pedals. Could you share a link with us that’d show us what you’re talking about?

First I am not building a muni, just a trails/street. Second I am going to get my Hoppley wheelset off of my hoppley.


but u hve a kh dummy

It’s the wheel set off of my hoppley, which happens to have a KH hub.

Soory, as soon as I posted I realized that it was in the wrong forum. My bad.


they are all the same width, i’m talking foam thickness.
don’t get a CX seat thinking its better, you will get used to the width of the seat & lose the chafing eventually.

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I have a CX seat and it sucks. The problem is that I ride for a long time, not very often, so I dont think that I will get used to it.


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get a new seat, anything but the CX is awesome compared to the CX.

That doesn’t make much sense. A CX is better than anything compared to a CX. WTFreak.


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What do y’all think of a Nimbus gel seat for trials/street?