what do you think?

okay so there still is one last black domina at renegade! do you think that I should but that or the following: thanks btw I want it for mainly trails and a bit of flat

  1. KH 2009 frame

  2. nimbus TI frame

  3. XTP although renegade is sold out

  4. regular K1 frame

  5. or not buy any and just use the regular nimbus frame I already have

Thanks so much and if you have any other suggestions please let me know! :slight_smile:


wh?ere in the world can I get a triton frame? and how much are they?


And about $600 im guessing for the 20" Frame. There located in Germany. :wink:

yeah!!!.. NO! is that even worth it?

sorry did not mean to put the nimbus TI frame on the list I meant to put the nimbus X street frame up there

Haaha, oh i figured since you had the money for the nimbus Ti might as well go for gold. I have never ridden one but i am currently trying to purchase one. People say if your a serious rider there worth it. But if you have the money why not? :smiley:

I would go with the Black Domina or the KH frame.
Or isn’t Renegade going to be stocking Impact Products? You might want to go with one of those frames.

This thread really should be in product reviews though.

yeah but idk about suppoting impact but im thinking about it i dont think ill go with the black domina anymore but maybe the KH. My friend did say he could send a XTP from budpest so im still thinking about all this

I would go with the KH if I was you. I love KH’s! And I think the Black Dominas are a little bit weeker than the KH’s, I might be wrong though, I dont know alot about K1 products since I dont like K1 stuff.

For the money definentally go with a KH20 Long Neck for value. It all depends on how tall you are though. Im 5,8 and im a little short to be comfortable on a long neck. But you could also cut it down. I just dont like cutting my new frame. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah im almost six foot but i might just but a regular K1 frame from my friend for about $50 bucks! but still dont know

You can buy a new one for $65.00 depending on the condition of that one

Yeah i know but his is barely schrached and he quit riding so why not but the problem is it needs risers

For that price I’d just get a Nimbus II. They are stronger than the K1 because the K1 frames are really thin but they are a little bit heavier. Plus Nimbus frames have machined bearing holders.

what is a nimbus 2?


yeah i knew that and i already have one lol just that they’re kinda heavy

well guys it does not matter any more cause i just ordered a naked KH longneck frame btw this is all cause my current 2007 one is starting to snap at the crown :frowning: so thanks for all the suggestions and i made my desiscion and btw i would not support impact :()

oh last thing can i only post one thread a week or something? wy can’t i start a new one? is it beacuse they don’t want to many at one time? thanks