What do you think?

When my wife first got me my unicycle, she thought it would be a good idea to start learning how to ride on the set of rollers (Kreitler) I have for my bicycle.

I figured she was trying to get rid of me getting the uni, but to suggest learning on rollers…

So, have you ever seen anyone ride a unicycle on rollers? Do you think it would be possible?


It would be really difficult, since you would have to rely entirely on upper body movement to stay upright. I guess it would be sort of like doing a still stand, but while pedaling at the same time.

i don’t think it’ll work. you need to learn to lean forward, and go with the uni…on that you’d just be spinning the wheel for a very short time until you fall off.

I have never seen anyone ride a unicycle on rollers.

I think it is possible, although difficult.

Rollers give you three degrees of freedom: simulated translation (i.e. front-back motion) and rotation about the axes of the ground plane (i.e. front-back and side-side leaning).

You need four degrees of freedom to ride, and only two are provided by the rollers. The rollers will not allow you to rotate about the Z-axis (twisting to correct side-side balance) nor will they allow you motion along the Y-axis (again, turning to correct side-side balance).

So, if you have perfect side-side balance, you’d be able to ride unassisted on rollers. Imagine learning to ride on a 2" handrail. Find that idea feasible?

I could never imagine me doing it, but some of these kids do some amazing stuff on their unis, like riding the round rails of a fence. I’d like to see a vid of someone doing it.

I don’t think side to side balance would be as much of a problem as forward/backward balance. The main technique of controlling your balance on a unicycle involves changing the wheel’s front to back position underneath you, which is impossible with rollers preventing anything but small side to side movements of the wheel.

I think you should put the topic in the thread title. :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondarily, since this topic comes up from time to time, it’s about time somebody had a go at it and posted a video.

If you already have the rollers, why not give it a try? The fore/aft balance might be manageable if there’s enough friction in the rollers. That might provide something to push against, but it would still be pretty challenging. The other thing that could be a problem on rollers is the wheel turning too far to the side. This is not an issue with a bike, but the unicycle has more freedom to turn, and might slip down between the rollers.

So please don’t just try it, but get it on video! :slight_smile:

:astonished: sounds more like she is -planned or unplanned- trying to get rid of you :smiley:

Bungeejoe apparently trains on rollers but he holds on to something.

Hi Joe,

How much life insurance do you have? How about accidental death and dismemberment–do you have good coverage? May I assume your wife is the beneficiary? :roll_eyes:

I’m with John, in cheering for a video

Actually seems like a super bad way to learn to ride IMHO. Even if you are a good rider , riding on rollers doesn’t seem likely to be cake to me.

But sure, piss on all my ignorant negative talk. We really just need to see some uni roller videos to be put in our place.

Wait, I just noticed that part about learning to ride on rollers. All you’ll learn with your wheel held in place is what the pedaling feels like. Beyond that, absolutely no help for learning to ride.