what do YOu think of this trial uni

I have only a photo of it, so no further specs.

What do you think of it? What are the negative and positive points?
greets from Belgium,


comfy seat
lotsa spokes (strength)
pretty colour


I think I’d prefer the Velo seat with the handle in front.

it’d be a fine trials uni, get it

The cranks look like 150mm in length.To long in most peoples thoughts of a TRIALS UNICYCle.Better get the tope model instead. :astonished: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :o :wink: :smiley: :slight_smile: :thinking:

What do you mean with ‘tope’ ? I’m from europe -Belgium- And i don’t know what that word means in this context.


Btw what size of cranks use most people on a trial uni?

Good points: Looks nice, from what I can make out in the tiny photo.

Bad points: Tiny photo.

I would try to get more information before spending any large amount of money for the cycle. A good seller will be able to identify the parts. Gone are the days when saying “unicycle” was all you needed. Today’s buyer has too many choices!

That is, depending where you live. Where did you see this unicycle? Who is the seller?

I have already contacted the seller. He has a shop in Antwerp (belgium) called ‘dejonglerie’.
He doesn’t know a lot about unicycles, I think. He couldn’t give me much info about it.

Actually i’m a freestyler, i have a lot experience with it, but now I want to begin with trial !

I thought the uni seemed to be good, and some of you go agree with me.

It costs 300euro, and at the unicyclesource.com the trials are much much more expensive (with carriage included). So for me it’s a cheap solution by buying it.

-tire is 20 x 2.5
-alu pedals+cranks
-48 spokes
-300 euro

This is a problem. Often a juggling shop is the best place to get a unicycle if you live in a country where they are all imported. But the shop is only a reseller, and may not know any details. You can take their word for it, or see if they will identify where the cycle is from. This way you can find out the details about it, and the seller can also do a better job of selling it if they learn this information as well.

You are looking at the shop on the west side of the pond. Also have a look at www.unicycle.uk.com, (more or less) the same company, but in the UK; carriage is cheaper.

There is also a new shop in Germany www.municycle.com (nothing to do with me), send Roland a PM, he speaks english, or you could also try Klaas Bil, he is in Holland. I’m sure they could give you some tips on where to buy.

The seat looks like a Qu-Ax, if it is, I can reccommend it. I have just put one on my cheapo-Taiwan thing. Very good.



looks like a qu-ax trials unicycle to me.

They had lots of problems with their early splined hubs but the newer ones are apparantly ok.

Very popular in germany.

Personally I think they’re lacking in the looks department and are much too wide for my personal tastes. That said I’ve ridden one and it seemed fine.

is it possible it’s this frame :

this seat :

these pedals :

yes - That’s the QU-AX one.

That certainly is a Qu-Ax Muni. However I would rather recommend a seat with a hanlde. I just bought this one.



Do i better buy this one :
20 Zoll Trialuni
Vollwertiges 20 Zoll Trialuni mit sehr guten Komponenten vom Biketrial Hersteller Monty.

Monty 36 Loch Felge
20x2.5 Zoll Monty Trialreifen
Qu-ax Sattel (KH Sattel like) mit Griff
127 mm Alu Kurbeln
Suzue Nabe
Die Monty Felge ist im Moment nur in der Farbe “silber eloxiert” erhältlich.

picture :

It’s cheaper : 249,00EUR
wich uni has the best components?

Judging by the description you have added, I guess you did vist the German shop. A little tip from me: not everyone who reads in the English forum can understand German.

I allowed myself to translate the specs, as I am sure more experienced people than me can give you better advice than what I can.

20" Trial Uni with good components from the Bike-Trial manufacturer Monty
Monty 36 Spoke Rim
20x2.5 Monty Trial tyre (tire)
Qu-Ax Saddle with handle (similar to KH Saddle)
127mm Alu Cranks
Suzue Hub
Black (frame)
The rim is currently only available in Silver

However, a little bird did tell me that the new 2003 versions of Qu-Ax will be available in Germany at the end of September. Maybe worth a wait. I’m waiting for now!


Don’t get Aluminum cranks for a Trials Uni! you will destroy them in like a week!


Oh no, there are a lot of unicyclist in Germany who ride the Qu-ax Alu cranks.
I never heard that anyone has a problem.

By the way, next time will come the new Qu-ax Muni with splinted hub / cranks.

You can see it here - sorry, only available in german, the english verson of my shop will come in about 2 -3 weeks.

I commend this muni, is very strong.



it looks ok but a bit tacky…

Hmm, this blue frame is very heavy. It isn’t easy to jump high, because of its weight. And some german riders, who trial with this blue frame get wounds on their knees because the shrubb on the frame during their ride or their landing from a high drop.

At last German-Cup Roland was there with some articles of his shop and presents a new quax frame. You can compare its weight and design to a Nimbus II Frame.
Also he presents a second new quax frame. Its less weight than the blue, and it is in black.

The quax saddle is like the KH seat (Ok, some german rider damaged him after a little time of use), and KH is a little bit more stable than the quax one.

But quax do good development, and in the opinion of some german riders, he doesn’t test his products as long as he should do.