What do you think of 16 inchers?

This is my first post-- I’m pretty new to unicycling. I got a 24" Torker Lx a month or two ago, and can ride fairly well, do some small jumps, free mount ect.
I was thinking of investing in a 16" just for fun… I’m sort of in the circus biz (trapeze and dancing anyway) so I thought it might be cool for manuvering/differant kinds of tricks, but not too many of you guys seem to ride them, so I was looking for advice.

I can get a Torker Cx 16" for about 80 bucks, is it worth it?


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I suppose you could get one for clowing around on, but tf that’s all you want it for get a 12"!

If you want to learn freestyle get 20" They are more versatile and you can get a better unicycle too.

A 16 inch is great for what you are describing. I find that a 12 incher is too restricting for anyone that can ride anything bigger as it is extremely hard to turn without hitting the pedals.

if you want somethign to clown around on get a 12"er but if you want to ride around for more that 3 seconds get a 16"er.

Hah- thanks! I think I’d def go for a 16 over 12… It’s mostly just a money crunch I guess. I don’t know if I should invest in a second uni yet, or save up for a better freestyle. If all were right in the world I’d be laying down 4 grand worth of unicycles…
Ahh! I’ve become addicted to unicycles!

only 4 grand cuz if thing were right id be spending a bit more then that!

id buy this

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this

and every this on this page

which all comes to…$4604.55 USD

just get a 20"er

A problem with the 16" and smaller unicycle is that you hit the pedals on the ground when turning. It is also difficult to get one with a seatpost that is long enough for an adult or a teen.

If you actually want to use the unicycle to learn skills with then a 20" uni with a long enough seatpost for your height will be best. Keep in mind that many of the 20" unicycles are still designed for kids and the stock seatposts are sized as such. You can always cut a seatpost shorter with a hacksaw, but it’s more difficult to make them longer.

If you want to use the unicycle to look goofy or clownlike then one with a smaller wheel (16" or 12") and a short seatpost will do the trick. But don’t expect to use the unicycle for anything other than novelty riding. It won’t be a unicycle for skills development.

Hah, very good point.
I think I’ll hold off on a 16inch for now. My 24" is working well for basic skills (though I now wish I had a 20") so I’ll stick with that and not spend my money for awhile. Maybe I’ll invest in a nice 20incher before I go to school in august.

Thanks for the info john childs, it helped alot. And yea, I had to cut the seatpost on my Lx… that was lesson one in my unicycly training: How to use a hacksaw.

Thanks for everyone’s input!

I had a 16" MaxDaddy with an adult-height frame for several years. It had custom 3" cranks, so pedal strikes weren’t a problem. It was great fun to ride at gym practices and such, and the only uni that I’ve ever been able to ride one-footed. I rode it outside a couple of times, but it was just too silly. I had to sell it recently. :frowning:


I have a Sun 12" unicycle. The Semcycle “Deluxe” seatposts (the ones with the holes) fit it. Sometimes I put a 400mm seatpost with KH seat on the 12er. It makes the seat height around normal, but you are riding a 12" wheel. Strange feeling. But there are only three or four spokes* on the wheel – I doubt it’s a very strong wheel (it’s made for tiny kids, not 200+ pound, six-foot-tall adults).

It does look funny when you ride it, especially with the stock (very short) seatpost. And like others have said, you can barely turn at all without knocking the pedals on the ground. But at US$49.00, it’s a cool novelty item.

    • okay, maybe there’s a few more spokes than that, but not many

I did my 1st unispin on a 16" :smiley: Yeah, pedal strikes were a problem, worse on the 12", but I get them sometimes with my 20" too :frowning:

i’d love to have a 12" simply to be able to disassemble it and put it in a normal rucksack, then take it out at the end of school.

it’s very ridable, though. i think i even managed to go backwards on one.

You could consider getting a 20 inch wheel to fit your 24 inch frame, might be a cheaper option if your a skint student. looks a little odd , but will ride OK. I have a 20 inch with fat tyre in a 28 inch frame.

I want to get a 12 inch to take to school and ride around during reccess

I asked that same question to my GF not long ago. Her reply was, “there ok, but I’m just as happy with your 12”. :sunglasses:

That was inevitable, but still hilarious.

She actually said she was just as happy riding my 12".:smiley:

12 inch wheels are very very weak though

Hah, if only you had written it like that the first. Now you’re just killing it.