What do you think: Crank Bros 5050?

I have had plastic pedals and they don’t work out for me. I have been eying Crank Bros 5050s out for a while and before I buy them I would like to know if anyone has ridden them and how they preform. I know that they are some what heavy but I’m not a weight weenie.


WORST UNICYCLE PEDAL EVER!!! All the pins will fall out and you’ll be hella angry cuz you paid like $2,000 (but not really). TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DO NOT BUY YOU WILL REGRET IT TRUST ME I USED TO OWN THEM FOR A DAY BEFORE I SOLD THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Ive used dmr v12 magnesium,odyssey jc’s,nimbus dx plastics and dx metals.None of them were that great.Now i have Kona wah wah pedals and theyre just amazing.Pins stay in all the time,grip stays for a really long time and theyre also really slim

I wouldn’t suggest the 5050s. They have some nice features and look nice, but they have some big issues (one of the main ones being that they fall of the spindle.)

If you are up to spending that kind of money on pedals, two great ones are the Fly Bikes Ruben pedals and the Straitline Components pedals. The Rubens run at around $100 (USD) if I remember correctly, while the Straitlines are at about $130. http://www.flybikesbmx.com/en/products/ruben and http://www.straitlinecomponents.com/products/pedals.php .

I have a pair of the Straitlines and love them, but if you’re not looking to spend that kind of money, or want smaller pedals with less grip the Rubens should be great.

I hope this helps a bit!

edit: if you want some more info on the straitlines send me a PM or an email, I don’t have much first hand experience with the Rubens but I’ve heard they are great.

I second the Straitline recommendation, heaps of grip, low profile, look good and a large platform. How much more do you need?

expensive and fragile, get some DMR V12s instead

I have used 5050s for a couple years on my Muni and my Coker(inc. RTL). I love them. You do have to keep the plate screws tight in the beginning, then they stay. Never had a failure. I like the shape better than any other I have tried.

Nice shape and feel, wouldn’t reccomend them for street or trials riding. If you do get them be sure to put some loctite on the pins or they will fall apart. Mine did and thats why I don’t ride them anymore.

They are nice for distance and light muni, but if you are going to do hardcore muni the pins are too short, not grippy enough.