What do you think about the Summit?

jagur started a post about hurrying to buy a Summit. What do you think about that unicycle? I’ve heard the the crank bolt stick out and will smack you in the ankle… anyone else? I’d appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone,


Yeah the bolt sticks out a little but for the 249 price.its worth it you may hit your ankles here or there on the cranks but its your fault for whereing low tops.

Dont Frickin Worry About It!

I wear low tops, it doesn’t bother me.
I have had no problems with the cranks at all.
I think the ankle hitting is from the riders “posture” of riding, like placement of feet, and legs bending in.

It does the same thing as the KH24. I haven’t had the first problem.

What do I think? If you want one you better not think about it to long, or the decision will be made for you.:smiley:

Of course you could always get in line for Jagurs used one.

6 more days till the Summit.

if the cranx really bother you,KH said in the future there will be replacement cranks without the “knobbly bits” i dont think they are as big as an issue on the 140’s as they are on 170’s

If the sticky out bits on the crank become a problem for you, you can hope that Kris designs new cranks with less of the sticky out bit and then you can replace the cranks when/if that happens. Kris posted a message recently that he was considering a crank redesign to make them more ankle friendly.