what do you think abought the torker dx trials vs the kris holms trials unicycle

i need a trials unicycle but i dont know what to get the torker unistar dx or the kh20 trials unicycle i need the lightest unicycle and i’m a first time trials rider what would you reccomend?

if you got the money go for the kh

the search button. seriously. you almost wouldn’t even need to use a search. just randomly open a thread on here and there’s about a 50% chance that it would address this same issue.


EDIT: Just saw that you’re new here, so I apologize for a half-snide remark. There have been about 60 posts lately that are “Torker DX versus <splined Onza, Hoppley, Qu-Ax, KH, etc.>”. If you open the Product Reviews page under General Discussion, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of posts that can help you make up your mind.

The DX is a strong unicycle, but lately people have been breaking their seatposts/frames - which is no bueno. If you have the money, the KH will definately be the best choice (either KH or a Koxx); it will last forever. I’m not sure when the new KH comes out, but i’m pretty sure the new Torkers have come out (though there is still some controversy as to whether or not they are MUCH stronger than the old ones, which were already very strong, don’t get me wrong, but some people who do really hardcore stuff ended up breaking the frame where the seatpost is welded to the crown)

Hope this helps, and welcome to the fora.

Sorry, that has been happening ever since the 2006 frame came out, it isnt a recent problem.

And as far as I know, the only changed on the 2007 DX, is the frame change, they upgraded it to not brake like the 2006 frames.

thanks alot for the help

so ive heard the 07 is better than 06. is it that much better?

i cant find an 07 for cheep and i might just get the 06.

i am a trials beginner. i do NOT do hardcore stuff. and i aint that heavy. will i break it?

you wont break either. you may break parts on both.
the kh is stronger, and about 3 lbs lighter.
if you have the money it’s always good to buy something good now versus upgrading something else.
get the kh, you wont be dissapointed.


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You can’t find an equally strong uni as the 2006 DXfor the same or less money. But if you did break it, the frame has a lifetime waranty and they’d replace it w/ a 2007 for free. You might have to pay shipping though. Ask them. http://torkerusa.com/

If your not into hardcore trials, and just like to ride and do a little bit of trials, get the DX and save 200 dollars. The KH is the better of the two unicycles, but both are strong and wont break on you. The KH weighs about 3-4 pounds less the the DX but the weight isnt a big issue. I own a 2007 DX i got in January from UDC and i am very pleased with it. I was hesitant about the weight but it really doesnt matter and i dont even notice it, in fact, the weight has improved my hopping tremendously. So if you are not into hardcore riding, get the DX because it will stand strong but if you insist on the top of the line, get the KH, but in my opinion your paying at least 75 dollars extra for the NAME (Kris Holm Brand)


go for the kh…there is no comparison…the dx is childs play compared to the new kris holm…i have to say i really gotta hand it to KH. in my opinion he created the first every ready to ride uni, that u don’t need to add anything to
if u get the torker u will be wanting to modify it in a week

ahh but it is… in the whole scheme of things :stuck_out_tongue:

Id go with KH if you have the money. If you dont you will probably be happy with the DX. You might want to get new pedals and a new seat though cause they both arent as good as they should be.