What do you look like?

Ok this may be a kind of wierd scary thread title but it is only necessary because whenever i see somones user name i automaticly picture them as a little baby body with whatever is in there avatar as part of the head. unless it is a car or something, then i just picture a guy in a red shirt with sunnies on and spiked hair.

It is really starting to annoy me so if you want to, show unicyclist.com what you look like! stop hiding behind that baby face avatar :wink:

Here is me and my i am looking stripey today, (note the fringe is not normally as emo’ish i have my hair tied back.)

Hehe. I look like Jerrick!!

jerrick 0132.JPG2.jpg

meeeeeeeeeee and my crepper smile

im actually a zombie. i eat babies.

juuuuust kidding. im not really a zombie.
(or am i?)

I’m not sure what a ‘crepper’ is, but you’re funny looking.

haha…as mean as it is thats kinda what i was thinking.

tim, you should post a picture of you that shows you better…


Eyes are blackened, I have major red-eye in nearly every picture taken of me.

I left the red eye is a few of the pictures… but this is headshots of me over the years


me on a good daythanks to ,Into the blue

You have issues man…

i look so hot i melt the mirror.

The many faces of Unicyclist.com

The many faces of Unicyclist.com

Playboy bunny meets Weird Al Yankovich! It’s the showdown of the century!!!

fixed it

Not at all…at least he’s original and has a great sense of humor!:smiley:

Anyway, here’s me. Taken yesterday, just two days before my Fifty-First Birthday! (shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone) Scary when I realize that when I was born, Elvis had yet to make his FIRST record! Also, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and many more great actors of the past were STILL making movies! God am I old! :frowning:

You could pass for 35 man.

Yeah I get that a lot. I was still being carded in bars in my mid forties! I don’t think there’s really any advantage to looking younger than you are, unless you’re an actor trying to get a part that requires someone younger than your actual age. I’ll still get the Denny’s Senior discount in four years! I may have to show ID for that though! :sunglasses:

So, I don’t have any pictures of me, but basically I have a seat, and a long post going down to my frame. Here I have a rounded fork, and go down to a CC tire. OH wait…

Nah, I am actually MUCH better looking then you… yes, YOU!

Here is me just the other day. Too busy messing with the camera to think about smiling or anything, but I kinda did by accident anyway…