what do you look for in a video

hi its jim from S.W.A.T and i wanted to know what you guys/girls look for in a uni vid?

any suggestions are helpful.

we will try to put as many things in the S.W.A.T vid as we can

Great thread! :slight_smile:

In trials, street, freestyle, etc I like to see riders with a very controlled style with as few pre-hops as possible. I particularly like to see narrow rail riding and technical and long distance gaps.

In muni, big drops are good but I really like to see really rutty, steep stuff and northshore. For example, anything Kris Holm has ever filmed. :slight_smile: I really like the sections of Kris’ used in New World Disorder and Disorder 2 with all the roots and really steep sections.

Finally I like to see original things. I also really enjoy trying to think of original things to do and doing them…good fun.

Basically I’d rather see really technical things maybe with slightly lower risk but very little room for error (eg. Ryan Atkins’ round rail gapping) than big drops and such things…but I do like the odd massive huck/big fall/whatever. :slight_smile:


I want to see someone drop into a full halfpipe, and ride up the other side. Then at the top do a one handed hand stand drop back in and ride it out. All of this while staying on the Uni. You get that on film, I am buying it.

not for sale

this video isn’t like an actual sponsored vid so you won’t have to buy it. you’ll be able to download it.

that halfpipe thing might be impossible…but i’m working on doin a hand plant with the uni not on a ramp or anything but riding up to something and going into a hand stand its probably actually pretty easy for some other riders.

keep the suggestions coming:D

MUni-Steep, rocky, big drops, northshore, anything technical.
freestyle, transfers in and out of skills look cooler than actual skills. street, anything fast paced, with very little setup. if it flows well with the music it will be a good video almost regardless of your skills. just ride as hard as you can, film it, and take your time editing. it’ll be good.

All i look for is innovation. Pull off something simple that no one has done before that looks good and i’ll watch it. Or even unusual combination of tricks with a smooth style. Like andrew said as few prehops as possible,
Anyway good music- fast paced- and you’ll be set

I like smooth editing and well balanced footage, Universe and Universe2 are both good but a long way off perfection. Remember to “cut on the action”, if you don’t know what this means, find out. Buy “The Collective” for inspiration on how to film and edit an extreme sports video. Also checkout ryan leech riding along a skinny, then a chain(!) and then another skinny.

I think I should be in it. Hey I will being a member of S.W.A.T. I also sugest shadowuni MUST wear a shirt.