What do you guys think of this?

is this a crappy unicycle or not?

Not. It’s a very good value. As far as I know, it’s the best trials uni you can get for under $200.

Definitely not a bad unicycle. It’s actually a Koxx-One Devil. It’s fairly light and quite strong. The only weak part is the frame, but even then you probably won’t have any trouble with it.

+1 to this.

I’ve got a very similar 20" (White widow, 32h, PFII) and apart from a few dents in the frame it’s held up pretty good.

Not a bad price for what it is.

Used for Street?

Sorry for threadjacking, but do you guys think this uni would be good for street?

Yes, it would work great for street!

between this and a nimbus 20" trials unicycle which is a better unicycle for street and trials?

I’d say this.