what do you do with your post?

Well I bent my first seatpost today. A good old fashioned steel one. Nice and beefy and now nice and angled. I never thought it would happen since I weigh so little but it did.

The cool thing though is I bent it so perfectly in one direction that although it makes the front of the seat pretty much vertical now, if I put the seat with the bolts as far back as possible its about the same angle as Forest’s muni seat, so I’m just going to toss it on my coker and I think the angle will be a very refreshing chnge. Anyways, I was wondering what other people do with their bent seatposts?

I should hope you don’t just throw out that much steel or aluminum?

I can’t really think of many things to do with it. I mean, you could heat it and bend it back, weld it back up, or use it if its like yours. Hey, I weigh even less than you probably, and I really doubt I will bend one any time soon.

My post is bent but I use it anyway, it is like a natural rail adapter. As long as it doesn’t snap then I am happy.

buy a thick 22.2 tube and weld the bracket onto it :wink:

i rode on a bent seatpost for ages. it doesnt really matter as long as the angle isnt totally stuffed. mine was only bent a little.

unfortunately lately i have been using aluminium ones and they just snap which sucks.

As long as my post keep their material integrity, (they are not broken) i bend them back and keep on riding.
One day it becomes too much, the fatigue wins and it breaks.

I gave 4 broken posts to a friend of mine that received a welding machine for his birthday so he can train. I hope one day he will be able to fix my posts.


I rode with a bent seat post for some time too, but due to the angle and the unusual amount of stress put on the seat, it snapped. Now I try my best to bend it back everytime but like Manuel said, after a couple of times of doing that it will eventually snap or just not bend back right.

Not much else you can do really.


How do you bend or break a seatpost? Do you land with a lot of weight on the seat? I always try to land with my weight on the cranks and bend my knees to absorb the impact. I can’t imagine myself ever bending or breaking a seatpost.

My brother and I both snapped aluminum KH posts on our seat-in highjump. We’d been stressing them for a while so its definitely not “they break just from hopping”, but that was what finally did them in.

On my old unicycle I used a section of very thick steel pipe from the hardware store as a seat post. (The saddle had a built in railing) It must have weighted several pounds, but I never bent it! The frame snapped twice though. :smiley:

I did a double four set (four set, plateau then another four set in one jump), and since my pedals are on such an angle I slipped off biffed on the seat, and yanked up on the handle. I gonna go cut the post in a few minutes and toss it on my coker. I really like the angle for riding but for jumping I hate it, its too high and I don’t feel like I have as much control on it.

I have watched Nathan do 6 and 7 foot drops before. If anyone was going to bend a post, it would be him.
I currently have a bent post on my giraffe and my trials, but I think its from dropping the uni after a fall. I can’t see me being good enough to bend it from just riding.

Just a normal rolling hop to 3 pallets and snap, that´s all my post needed to break. That´s how aluminium works, it takes abuse to a one point and then it breaks without warning.

I bent a steel miyata seatpost crashing while muni-ing down a steep hill; my legs got tangled in the frame and cranks so I presume the weight of me, the muni and the momentum drove the seat into the ground.

It was unrideably bent so I sent it to UDC who cut and rewelded it; it was fine after that. It has since gone in the metal recycling skip at the local tip after the only seat it attached to passed away.



Don’t you have that crazy seat post with rails thats tilted so the front of the seat is almost vertical?

Nope, definitly not me. I just have the stock Torker DX seat and post on my muni.

Catboy does, I think.

ahh ok cool, I must have gotten you guys mixed up sorry, please dont poo on my lawn :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve broken three seatposts now (all stock KH). They always break at the weld. I’ve used one to hold up a broken end of a table and another as a makeshift plunger.

Well I can tell you what not to do with your seat post…and that is why I cant go to seaworld anymore.

broken ones :carry dem in my bag as weaps
ones thats are ridalbe: well duh