What do you do come winter?

Your complaining? hell in britain the term ‘snow’ is practically unheard of! enjoy what you’ve got!

As much as I like to tease the guys in Eastern Canada about their lack of winter and cold compared to here in Western Canada, dealing with dumps of 30 to 60cm (1’ to 2’) of wet snow at any given time is not something to enjoy.

Winter conditions in Canada vary from almost no snow and plus temperatures (Vancouver) to many feet of snow in the prairies and northern Canada with up to -50 c temperatures in those areas and massive dumps of wet snow and ice storms throughout the east.

Winter can be a very tiring 6 to 7 month process but most of us usually do try to make the best of the good days that we get during the winter months.

I don’t like the cold and I don’t really care for snow.

Just because you may get a lot more than I do doesn’t mean I can’t express my dislike of the white stuff.


i live in the GTA so only about 30 minutes away from toronto and i unicycle sun, rain or snow it dosn’t make much of a difference and keep practicing once you learn to ride everything will come quickly

I ride.

If you want info on how to make a studded tire check out this thread. It is a tutorial on how to stud a tire that I wrote up. There is also some discussion of alternate ways of studding and my experiences with different studding techniques, chains, etc.

Bigger wheels work better than smaller wheels in winter. If you are riding a 20 consider getting a Muni for the winter if you think you would like to have one for the rest of the year as well.

Be sure to make it out to the Toronto Unicyclists gym practice 2 times a week. It’s warm and dry, guaranteed.

You could also try chains for your tire …


I’ve got a 24", hopefully that will be passable for winter riding.

I looked into the toronto club practices. I’m a student with limited financial resources so I’m not super eager to buy another tire, pedals, and maybe shoes so that they don’t mark so I can take part in the practices.

Although, I know I should anyway because I need to meet some other unicyclists.

Growing up in South Dakota, I used to run cross-country, wearing a tshirt and shorts, down to -30C. Colder than that, and I would wear a long-sleeved tshirt and pants.

If the Fahrenheit temperature is larger than the SI temperature, it’s not cold. :stuck_out_tongue:

This makes me feel cold just thinking about it!

Toronto Unicyclists

Don’t let the gym floor issues stop you from coming to the club. Especially if you cant afford plastic pedals and separate indoor shoes (come anyways) and the tire issue has been solved by the cleanup ritual please come by if you are interested.

Also don’t feel you should learn to unicycle better before going to the club, its the best place to learn and improve.

Although winter riding is fun, this Canadian season is filled with wet, cold, and windy days that riding is pretty undesirable. Winter rides can only last a couple hours max because my extremities get cold even if I’m sweating. The Toronto Unicyclists club is a fun ride that is not weather dependent twice a week.

For someone who rides daily it is very disappointing to loose the warm riding season. Until I can buy expensive winter riding gear. I love snow riding but the season is still over to me. Makes me love the club even more.

Bury my nuts.


Did I say -10C?
I meant -20C.

And I’ve unicycled down to -40, but at that point you get cold if you even try taking off one layer, even if you’re too warm with that extra layer.

I just remembered: I did mean -10, but that figure is for skiing. You don’t want to be skiing in just a T-shirt in -30C weather, wind chill is, ah, significant:p

In fact, most of my experience being outdoors in the cold is from early morning/late day skiing, and probably isn’t relevant to the greater amount of exercise and lower wind speeds unicycling provides.

There seems to be a lot more skiers than snowboarders on the forum…it’s nice
I go skiing quite quite a bit each year. Mostly freestyle, but I’ll do anything

I snowboard, I ride trials, street, freestyle, muni, I coker around, I make igloos and snowmen, I have snowball fights, blah blah. I just do whatever and have fun. no reason to stop anything because of the weather. No reason to brag about who’s in the coldest weather either. Its not gonna make you any bigger.

Well said… who cares what u do in the cold, as long as your having fun!
If u dont uni, the so be it! find something else to do thats fun:)

Actually you unicycle in the rain and sun you have only been unicycling for about 2 months and none with any snow in them so you can’t say you uni in rain,sun and snow :stuck_out_tongue:

I ride harder :wink:

Our winter IS SO COLD! Our lower temperature is about 4C! But usually is about 18C! LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lately we are having 20+ in the winter… It’s the global warming :astonished:

I wish I had some snow… but there’s a good side: We can go to the beach in the winter :smiley:

lol… cold… you people dont know the meaning of.

I never get cold, my fingers just get painful and freeze up.

I live for the days of 0F, the air is so still and dry, its just amazing. Especially when your on the hill skiing when no ones around.

I’m going to schedule my the dates i need to be patrolling on A shifts on sundays primarily lol. I really want to, since i love early mornings like that.

ahh… cant wait til we get some real snow, and i can go ski.

(oh yeah, for the cold thing also i skiied in like -25F last winter, with -50F windchill, and i was sweating)