What do you consider 'hard-core'?

I don’t find MUni hardcore.

It seems like it would be tough to the outsider, but as all Muni’rs know, it’s not ‘THAT’ much harder than learning to ride a unicycle in the first place.

Sure it’s harder, but…once you can ride, riding in the woods only takes a certain amount of practice.


What, about unicycling, do you find HARD?

Me? I find gliding to be hard…After I finally mastered wheelwalking (yes…mastered) I cannot (currently) fathom gliding. It seems ‘too out of reach’ although, like all other things, it can be done…I just can’t picture how :frowning:

No matter what you skill level is…what do YOU find seemingly Impossible?

standing wheel walking/gliding. Thats so completly insane. after seeing a vid of it, i tried just standing up on the crown of my uni while holding on to a wall for support and i decided there is no wsy i could ever do that.



I think we would all like to know what you would consider ‘too hard’

muni can be hardcore. there is always that one descent over jagged rocks that you want to succesfully ride…

My obvious choice would be to post an often-referenced photo that I consider “hardcore”. But it has the wrong face on it now. A very SCARY face.

It’s never looked better!

it keeps coming back

At first, all great accomplishments seemed impossible. But if you want to do it, and you try to, then you can.
… Did I just sound like Barney there? Dang…

But anyway, a few weeks ago gliding seemed entirely impossible, but it is now within reach. OFFTOPIC the same with rubiks cubing blindfolded. A few weeks ago it was completely impossible for me, and now I’m beginning to understand it and I know that it isn’t that hard.

Kris and Ryan, reply!!

My view of hard is any true freestyle. Not just the act of coasting or gliding, anyone can do that (well, not anyone), but the act of stringing together a series of freestyle tricks, not neccessarily the hardest, into a graceful, interesting routine. Muni can be hard core, too, but very rarely. Also trials, after going on a ride yesterday with Mike Middleton (uroboros), can be very hardcore. He was landing gaps greater than 7’ between picnic tables, while I barely landed 5 footers. He also did a bunch of 30" hops like they were a joke, as I barely made 24". He was also airing stuff that I had to pedalgrab. Just being around him got me to go to rubber from a crankgrab on my muni, which I’d never done before. I know I’ve strayed, but whatever.

So, my opinion of hard is not just a hard trick like swan coasting, or a 95cm hop from a boring situation, so much as graceful freestyle. I’d also rather see someone land 85 cm hops without a prehop precisely onto awkward surfaces, than see them do a boring 1m hop.

My opinions.

For me, incorporating street moves into MUni is hard, and overall, just making unicycling flow is hard. Above all, I think making trials look flowing is a very difficult task.


I would say that MUni trials gets pretty hardcore. I’ve gone down hills covered in rocks that ranged in size from gravel size to about a meter across. Every time I fell off, the angle was so steep that I caused a mini avalanche and I slid down a couple feet before I could even get up. It was also so deep that the wheel would be covered up to the spokes.
This may not seem extreme by some standards, but if I am willing to attempt that, there has to be some pretty extreme MUni going on out there.

Re: What do you consider ‘hard-core’?

i’m confused
u’re asking two different questions

in the topic line u’re asking what i consider to be hard-core and in the post u ask what i find hard

i find hard most everything i can almost do
like one-foot riding, getting to 100 throws while idling (with three clubs) and managing to NOT spend my rent money on another unicycle

hard-core, on the other hand, i’m likely to glibly define as everything i wouldn’t even think about trying
do i need to list the videos?

Re: What do you consider ‘hard-core’?

I think MUni is too broad a term to say it is not hardcore. You must be sticking to the easy tracks if you are not finding it difficult. Off road riding is not hard if you stick to easy stuff. Hard off road riding is hard. Try riding down a mountain and then say MUni is not hard. I think concrete and rocks are hard, grass and dirt are (usually) soft. Stand up one-foot gliding looks hard but I’m speaking from inexperience, having never tried it myself.

Hand wheel walk is hard. It’s the only skill, so far that I consider too much trouble to bother with.
Wheel walking, ultimate wheel and coasting seemed completely impossible when I first tried them, but in surprisingly short time they became only moderately impossible. (it went from “no way I’ll ever be able to do that” to “Hey! There was a hint of balance there”)

Watch One Tired Guy or something similar and then tell us that muni can’t be hard! Any style of riding can be as difficult as you want to make it.


Like anything in life there can be 2 extreme’s to anything.

The lower extreme is the most basic level of the skill, the other side is “Hardcore” to most.

Most muni probably doesnt account for “hardcore” riding because its mostly XC single track and unless your riding 50 miles at a time its just average.

Going Big with your balls to the wall is hardcore I dont care how you decide to do it, from stand up gliding down hill to doing a 12 stair grind.

Here’s to overused terms!
RIP eXtreme
Hardcore your in!


Anything I can’t do is hardcore. “or something similar” = Universe.

But I’ll go on record with two things I really consider hardcore:

  1. Riding along a 3" diameter handrail. This is and will always be one of my favorite examples of “just because Kris can do it doesn’t mean its possible”.

  2. Jumping up two or three feet and gaps two or three feet.

I don’t find MUni hardcore (sure there are extreme cases) because 9 times out of 10 as soon as you think you might get in over your head…you can simply step off.

I think the term hardcore involves the level of enthusiasm and dedication one has in something. Most things that are considered “hardcore” aren’t even that hard to those that we see doing them.

Hardcore dowhillers, for example, are the guys that live, eat, sleep, and breath riding. the guys that come to the bike shop during lunch just to lube thier chain so that they don’t waste a second between working and riding. the guy that eats a power bar for breakfast and drinks protien shakes out of his camelbak all day on the job. There are most certainly some harcore unicyclists on this forum. they are the ones who keep it alive. The guys who can’t get through a cold snowy day at work without needing to discuss their passion with those who have similar interest. Most of the people on this forum are considered to be hardcore by me personally. There’s no where else i would come and expect to find such extreme enthusiasm and knowledge.

Hard to me is not crying when i look outside, knowing that there at least two and a half months before there will be any dirt or dry pavement for me to ride on.

I hate the term eXtreme, especially when it is written on the lable of my deodorant. I love and have always love the word hardcore, the way it sounds as well as what i take it to mean. I’d hate to ever compare the two or to ever see hardcore reach the cliche status of that irritating X word.

I find any North Shore style stuff to be a good challenge…
Like this skinny I have in my backyard is always good for an hour or so of training