What Do You Carry With You When Unicycling?

I was just wondering what some of your guys unicycling kit consists of. I am excluding pads because I wear them. Mine consists of the following:

*Finepix A303 digital Camera
*JVC GR-SXM740 VHS Camcorder
*Extra tape for camcorder
*Extra battery for camcorder
*Camcorder battery charger
*Pack of AA batteries
*USB Cable for Digital Camera
*Paper pad
*Bike Lock and key
*Ratchet with 14mm and 10mm sockets
*15mm wrench (for pedals)
*Crank puller
*Philips head screwdriver (never hurts to have one)
*Wire cutters (just in case)
*Tire pump
*Various kinds of band aids (including butterfly)
*Wound wipes
*Cell phone
*Some cash

All of this is carried in an Outdoor Products compact bag that is hydration system compatible.

What do you guys carry?

in the past i had usually not carried anything, except water and a wrench for longer muni rides, but in the future i think i will start carrying water, a towel, and my digital camera for my trials rides. and perhaps a pump.

Duct Tape

I bring some money and my camera. Never been on an actual MUni trip, but if I did, I’d take some water and probably a pump and some tire patches.

Granola Bar
Cell phone
Devil Sticks(for when i need a crotch break)
SmallFirst aid kit
Alot of the time I will have money just incase I get hungry, and most cops will just walk away if you hand them a $20(just kidding)

water and lemon juice


and if he forgets those a home pregnancy test


Water (3 Liters)
Cell Phone
Wallet with ID and Cash
Food, usually tiger milk bars
Tire levers
Spare tube
10mm socket
Duct Tape
Spyderco Native
Sometimes my Fuji F-401 Digi Cam in it’s Pelican Case

John_Childs…and he carries everything else.

Me and my thoughts.


1 3 hp air compressor
1 loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol
2 liters 100 proof Vodka
10 lbs Idaho potatos
1 copy of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”
1 chain saw
1 donkey
30 lbs of oats for the donkey

I have heard comments about Harper “dragging his ass up the trail” but I didn’t realize that’s what they meant.

I carry:

70 oz. waist type hydration pack
GU gel packs
Very small tire pump
Litter bag
Clean cloth in a Ziplok bag
Reading glasses
Cell phone
Allen wrenches
Sometimes a cheap digital camera

When I get to ride with Harper I will carry orange juice.


Perhaps some straws, ice, and some of those cute little paper umbrellas would be nice, also.

Shorter rides:

socket 14 + 10
in a camelbak with 2 litres water

Big Rides

same +
spare tube
occasionally spare pedals

Re: What Do You Carry With You When Unicycling?

do you have a life?

Well obviously dig has a life, it’s just that most of it’s spent on the unicycle… : )

I usually carry whatevers in my pockets. Today I rode to my friends house, probably 2 miles or less. I stopped at the store and got 3 candy bars, Powerade, and I had my wallet and cell phone. I also had tape so I could tape the drink to the unicycle, hehe. I stopped for a brake and ate the candy bars and drank the powerade while it was taped to the uni, good thing it wasn’t a bike, that would of been a trick. My friend, who also uni’s, was impressed that I rode the whole way there, and I was too, only stopping twice, and cause I tried to, so it was fun. We rode around for awhile then with other kids in the neiborhood around.
So i’m thankfull that God gave me that adventure.


Re: What Do You Carry With You When Unicycling?

You actually carry all of this stuff when you are riding? How heavy is your pack and how useful is the camcorder battery charger out in the middle of the woods?

I am new to Muni. Today’s ride consisted of carrying a 1 quart camelback with ice water, and the keys to my van.

Cell Phone
Wrench thingy for adjusting seat
Tattered copy of The Little Red Book

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ