What do you carry in your camelback?

I’ve only got one little pocket on my camelback. I have to dump everything out when I try to find one allen wrench. But I was surprised by how much I’ve fit into that little pocket:

Two Allen wrenches
small socket wrench
14mm socket
10mm open end wrench
flat fix kit including tire levers (3)
trail mix candybar
little multitool (knife, file, screwdrivers, pliers)
1 ft of duck tape folded flat into a square
two $1 bills

I have yet to get into enough trouble that this assortment can’t get me home. (sometimes squeeking or wobbling, but home.)

The duck tape has come in quite handy as numerous bandaids, small rip fixer, and holder togetherer of helmet. I can’t praise it enough as the smallest yet most versitile tool in the pocket.

Naugahyde Barcalounger
1/2" cordless drill
Honda 1300W generator
one inflatable doll
one pair of hipwaders
one lb of alligator steak
Bernz-O-Matic torch
100 psi shop compressor
K-Y jelly
insect repellant
50 lbs Purina Camel Chow

In my Camelbak Lobo I carry:


Patches & glue
Tyre levers x 3
Short white crayon for marking tube
Crank tool & 16 mm spanner for same
15 mm Spanner for pedals
10mm and 11 mm spanners (these sizes are for seat bolts and bearing clamps)
Hex (Allen) key for seat clamp (on Pashley)
Small pump (fits both valve types).
Small cross point screw driver useful for Viscount seat bumpers.
Small flat blade screw driver for removing axle dust caps

Mobile, keys, money, head torch

Sometimes a spare top, sometimes a waterproof.
Occasionally a newspaper.

Toilet Paper
3 petrolem jelly cotton balls
Protein Bar
Sometimes a small allen wrench or adjustable tool
Very rarely, a light weight jacket. --chirokid–

Hex Wrenches
Small Crescent Wrench
Crank tool
Mini Pump
Patch Kit
Cell Phone

I’m still on the stage of getting a Camelback. It will probably hold following things:

Water or juice
Allen keys, 10mm, 15mm
spare tube
additional pads, if I’m not wearing everything
maybe some kind of mini-first aid -kit
an extra pedal (a cheap, light plastic one)
something to eat
edit. and of course a pump

Camelbak is on my Christmas wish list. If I don’t get one for Christmas, I’ll buy one myself!

Bare minimum items I will put into it:
Flat repair kit
Tire levers
Allen wrench
Wrench for seat and handle nuts
Energy Bar
Cell phone

Hey Chirokid, toilet paper? No way, real men use leaves. Why do you think God put leaves on trees! Watch out for poison ivy if you go this route? :smiley:


Well, yes. Water.

Whilst thinking of the stuff inside the pocket, I forgot about the bungie cords that crisscross the back.

There I ALWAYS carry a small air pump. And SOMETIMES I strap on a folded-in-the-pocket Anorak windbreaker.

For cool weather rides of less than 4 miles or so, I go humpless. (no camelback at all). a.k.a. going “naked”.:wink:

Lol i can remember at Buc 9 when jeff had a camal back, im sure that wasnt water in there lol! :stuck_out_tongue:



But my camera rides in my butt-bag/fanny pack/waist pack.

My Camelbak contains pump, spare tube (wrong size for my Gazz), patch kit, and food.

Butt-bag contains tools:

  • 14" cotterless crank wrench (for whoever I’m with)
  • Park multi-tool with screwdrivers and allen keys
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Multi-tool for chains (again not for me)
  • 5mm and 6mm loose allen wrenches

I also carry:

  • Spare camera batteries (important!)
  • Cotterless crank nuts (cost $5 each on the trail!)
  • Some wet naps
  • Tiny tripod
  • Toy compass (probably useless)
  • Tiny flashlight

Greetings Bill, hope you get your Camelbak for Christmas.

Secondly, my name says KID. God made Men’s brains with intelligence, therefore we learned how to make toilet paper from trees. Furthermore, I make Mr. Whipple happy! Last, I sure feel sorry for the fellow that uses Poison Ivy as toilet paper. I bet he’d have to stay off his unicycle for a few days! Being an Eagle Scout, I’d never make that mistake. I still live by the moto: “Be Prepared.”
I’ll keep the toilet paper in my Camelbak :D–chiro"KID"–:smiley:

for double post… whoops

I don’t use a camelpack. Mostly I ride bareback, except for when I’m carrying a bag, sometimes containing a waterbottle.

So do you carry a toilet with you too? What do you do with your waste? Do you bring a shovel along to bury it? Or dump in a plastic bag in your camelpack? I usually relieve myself before going riding, or there are usually toilets within riding distance if I’m out for a long time.

I carry most of my tools in this little box that has a clip and velcro strap around it and fits onto my seat post/stem. It contains punture repair kit, allen keys, spanners etc. It’s very useful! My Camelbak hasn’t got a large pocket, as I went for one of the small ones. It’s got the elastic net thing tho, and that usually has a rain jacket, or my shin pads if I’m not wearing them and/or my pump.

Er… given, for the sake of argument, the existence of god(s), I’d still need more evidence to support your allegation of mankind being intelligent. One bog roll doth not a brainbox make.

Well at least we know some people have enough brain power to realize that two wheels are NOT needed. Unfortunately, not enough have figured out that less in more when it comes to fun factor for pedal powered vehicles.