What do you call this?

Yesterday I was out riding with a friend (20" trials). As we got to our destination, we figured that somebody had set up a market there (on our usual spot), so we decided to move to somewhere else. On the way there, we were racing in the “need for speed underground/most wanted” style: Get from A to B first. There are no rules and no fixed route. Ride as fast as possible and take as many shortcuts as possible.

Is there a name for this? Do anybody else do this?

By the way, this is more fun on a 20" unicycle than on a bicycle and probably than on a larger unicycle: The speed on a 20" is very limited and therefore it gets more technical and less “daring” Also, a 20" has excellent manouverability compared to other vehicles. Our way included up & down stairs, over a few edges and in between people, so the agility and lightness helped a lot ;D

I’m not sure if it has a definite name, but it sounds like something that’d be a lot of fun on a coker, or a schlumpf :slight_smile:

In the cycling/bike messenger world, its called a alleycat race.